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How do you put the expression in right after the DO? Mine keeps saying with location. I don’t understand how to enter it the way you have it.

Just click add a task.

Then you can select a location task.

@sockmonkey sure evaluating both if conditions should happen normally. if you will post a snapshot of the piston, be easier to comment on it.

Never mind I got it. I have run into this confusion before. When in edit mode it says with location, but once you save it the with location goes away. I don’t know why I can’t seem to remember that. Getting old I guess.

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@bangali It’s actually this darn “welcome home” piston. I’m still using it as an opportunity to learn how / why things work as they do. I’ve posted snapshots a few times in the past week and haven’t gotten any response, so I thought I’d try to tackle each piece on my home.

Here’s a snippet, though. If both sensors change to present at the same time, only one variable gets set. What I want to understand is why, and how / if there’s a way to make them both function.

@sockmonkey got it. let me help. i had solved this one for someone else before.

think of your piston as an event processing engine. so, its processing ONE event at a time. there will be one event for presence sensor 3 followed by an event for presence sensor 4 or vice versa. since it processes ONE event at a time, nothing is truly simultaneous from the piston’s point of view.

does that make sense?

EDIT: here is the solve:

This piston ran but I didn’t get the notification. Should the comparison not be in the “”?

@bangali :grinning: It was that very code that I was trying to find a more elegant solution to. But, if there simply isn’t another way, so be it. At least I learned something! :relaxed:

Does it say Send push notification or just Send notification?


@sockmonkey ahh nice. there is now a more elegant solution. i believe it should work but havent had a reason to try it yet. :slight_smile:

let me know if you want to try it.

@bangali Absolutely!

OK, give me a few minutes …

@sockmonkey here you go … that should work the same as the older one, now that followed by is available

if you do try this, please confirm either way.

@bangali I actually tried this a few days ago (maybe last weekend) and it didn’t work. Do you know if there’s been an update / bug fix that allows it to work as expected now?

Here is some advices but please bear in mind I’m kind of a noob too.

  1. I think you should use push notification as action
  2. I wouldn’t use the " "
  3. You should enable full logging, it would allow you to know which condition returned as true/false. It’s very helpful to understand what went wrong.

@sockmonkey o, ok. no, dont know if there is even an issue or there has been a fix. have you tried turning on logging and seeing which part fails?

Same here. But I figure the more I use it the more it becomes second nature. Now just to get Expressions down!!!:grin:

@bangali It works now!

I probably should have worded my question differently. I know the push notification works ok, have used it before. What I was unsure of when checking the variable value was whether I should use the quotes around the text I am comparing to.