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Nothing wrong with trying things out. If you find something works for you great. There are plenty of ways to do things so don’t get hung up on right or wrong ways especially if it is working

You could use my piston. Just set the ‘departure_time’ variable to you standard wake up time after the events which are triggered by the ‘departure_time’. Then keep the trigger which listens for changes to the time set from the DH.
In that way it will always trigger to your standard wake up time but if you set a custom time in the DH, it will trigger to that once.
If im not thinking wrong:)

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I am using Honeywell TCC connect, and am having a difficult time figuring out how to get a good response that “ac is running”

Here are all the items I can pick from. You would think operating state would tell me, but it responds “idle” even when it’s “cooling”

I’m thinking it’s probably an issue with the honeywell app, but am looking to see if anyone has any ideas.

On an aside, is there a way in the webcore edit mode, perhaps using the Evaluation console to “echo” what the status is of these items? I know this isn’t right but for example echo Honeywell’s thermostatMode

It’s a bug. Not working for ecobee, nest or some honeywells. In the meantime, the feature set works in CoRE.


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in the evaluation console, you can type in a value:

{string([thermostat's name : thermostatMode])}

or an expression:

string([thermostat's name : thermostatMode])
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@ady624 feature request: indicator on the piston editing UI when a condition is set to always or never subscribe.

thank you.

Is there a way to dump all the possible enumerable items of a device using the evaluation console? TIA!

No, but if you select that device in an IF, it will show all of its attributes

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Any thoughts on the double/duplicate push notification?

you need to enable full logs and run it, then look in the logs for clues…

Ok cool, ill start there.

look for this in the gutter. This shows what is subscribed. If there is no bolt next to it then there is not subscription.

When my location mode changes to home, the else section of this piston executes. Essentially I just want the else section to execute if Location mode changes to Away or Night and Switch 1 is on. This seems written correctly to me, but should I change the conditional logic? @ady624 ?

another basic question. how do I find out condition # and statement#s that I see in the logs in the editor. In the editor there is only line numbers. is there an option to turn on to just see those condition# and statement#?

I have some GE dimmer switches Zigbee controlled with a motion. When I go to turn off the switches manually (out of site from the motion even) the lights turn back on a second later. How can I write this so that when I turn off the switch physically the lights actually turn off and not immediately back on?

I have a motion sensor at the bottom of the stairs and one at the top. They both trigger the hall light and they both trigger it with different settings. How do I stop one from overriding the other?

For example, if I start at the bottom of the stairs motion turns on the light - then when I reach the top of the stairs the other motion sensor is triggered and set’s the lights again.

true but only on the piston view screen, don’t see the same in the edit mode. or am i missing something?

thank you.

@digital_janitor I do this with my honeywell TCC connects and it works. I get notified every time the AC turns on.

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@Ross add a check for if hall light is not already on? wouldnt that work?

:blush: yes that will work. :smile:

Now how about this - there are two lights. When I’m upstairs I only turn on one light to go down, but when I pass the lower motion sensor it’s setup to turn on both lights. Any way to get the lower sensor not to do anything if the upper one was triggered say in the last 30 seconds or maybe if can I can get the lower motion sensor to not do anything if one of the lights is on and the other one is off?