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@kebel871 heres the first cut. the only thing that is currently not in place is text color and background color for the item tiles. set tile is behaving oddly when i use the variables with color names in them. so, i have set the item tiles to use white on tungsten for right now. its down to 14 chunks. if/when @ady624’s provides some sort of method to stuff a list variable it will likely come down to 12 chunks.

sorry for the delay, had to attend a BBQ. cant pass up on meat and beer. :slight_smile:

EDIT: updated the piston a bit to perform more efficiently by not drawing all the tiles, all the time - even though it takes a little more space. so went from 14 to 16 chunks.

Hey thanks a ton, will be looking at it more closely tomorrow morning as I am myself coming back from free beers and going to bed. :blush:

cheers! :smile:

What is the best way to turn a light on for an amount of time? Lets say a half hour.

@agenovese820 how you doing on this one … got it all figured out? :slight_smile:

I think I am getting the hang of this, but I am having trouble with the volume on my Samsung R1 speakers. Even though I am setting the level to 100, I can still barely hear it. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?

You need to use the tileSetLevel() option instead of setLevel.for the R1 speaker.

When you select tileSetLevel() you’ll need to look for the Parameters button and click it then select integer. This give you a field where you can add your desired volume.

Works well for me

I also have a Samsung R3 and would like to add the using an integer in tilesetlevel() does not directly correspond with the speakers volume. For me if i use a tilesetlevel() integer of 24, my speaker volume equals 7. You have to play around with it to get the right volume.

I was curious is there a way to specify what program to run with ecobee? Like if no one is in the house set away if its already on home.

Thanks! That worked perfectly.

I think I finally got it:

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yay! so, does it work? :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know tomorrow when I can test it outside of the trigger time. Thanks for your help.

ok. you are welcome.

For some reason I cannot open webcore or any of my pistons from my smartthings app on my tablet… The blue box just spins and nothing opens. It’s been like this for 3 days now.
Any help Thanks!

WebCoRE is okay for me but what you describe is happening to me on Simple Device Viewer. I have a feeling we need to contact ST Support.

I’m at a total loss with this one.
I have a tile set up to display whether my heating is on or off and at what set point the heating has been set to.
The problem I’m having is that it always shows the previous set point temperature not the current set point temperature.
Here is what it is showing in the dashboard:-
Which is the previous setting it was set to.
Here is the formatting of the tile and as you can see it evalutes to 14 which is correct, and yet it shows 22.5.
I’m at a loss as to why this is.
Any ideas folks…
EDIT: Here is the global variable which is showing 14.

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I borrowed parts of a piston for my vacation light timer but it seems to be triggering at the wrong time.

It seems like my lights came on at random minutes after 10:00pm, waited somewhere around 3 hours like planned then turned off. I’m thinking I need to replace Time is between sunset and 10:00pm with Happens daily at sunset.