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Have a look at the TEP (task execution policy) for each if.

Ok, I may be clueless and /or lacking coffee. Where is the TEP?

I’ve been watching the trace while testing.

When you edit the piston, with the conditions and actions click on the settings cog.
Here you will find TEP and TCP.
You can use these to stop tasks running.
Have a look and a play.
Edit. I think I would change the way you go about this.
Forget your true and false and put everything into one task block.
Import it and add 2 more ifs. Use sync.
Your basically tryinv to do this with 3 different scenarios.

Hi, I really just updated webcore and now the output in variabe lstime and lntime don’t display the date and time in human readable format. Something has changed. Anyway, what do I need to change to get lntime and lstime to display as Wed, July XX at 13:00… instead of just a string of numbers?

Make the variables of type datetime instead of dynamic

in additional it also depends upon if the device handler is capturing and reporting it to ST. See:

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Love it. Thanks! I changed it up a bit to work with door status, taking away the clickable aspect, but also using for the lights. It was just what I’m looking for.

Is there a way to force and update of battery levels in a piston? I’ve got some Spruce moisture sensors that don’t seem to be updating even tho they have been in use for over a year.

It feels like this piston should be able to be optimized. Anyone have suggestions?

hello all Ive been working on a welcome home announcement piston for 3 different scenarios with a different message to play for each.

  1. when I come home.
  2. when wife gets home.
  3. when we both arrive home at the same time.

I’m worried the way Ive setup the script that I will have all 3 messages play at the same time when we both arrive. Can anyone take a look and tell me how to prevent this from happening.

@Ronald_Balu have you tried changing line 45 and 46 to changes in the last x minutes? That should Capture you all coming home together

since you asked :slight_smile: … move all your else if in to a single block at end of piston and make the speak text etc conditional.

Hello all! I just got my SmartThings hub yesterday, and set up my Arlo Pro cams this morning. I also just set up WebCoRE, and am working on my first piston. This is probably a super basic question, but hey we all start somewhere.l

What I’d like for it to do is change the ‘Mode’ of the Arlo base station when nobody is at home (as measured by lack of presence of our cellphones).

I’ve looked through the Action options available for the Arlo base station and cameras in the piston editing section of WebCoRE, and didn’t see an option that seemed to change the mode at first glance. Any suggestions?


Using Yale YRD210 Zwave. I am using the DTH from ethayer Lock Manager.

I tested again and now the issue is gone. (Issue was Tile 1 and 2 going on at the same time.) I could recreate it at will a few days ago. Think I was running v0.2.0d8 at the time. Oh well, all is good now!

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I have piston that I cannot view or pause. It is corrupted and boinked in some way. I tried going in the app for this piston group to refresh several times, and this still does not resolve my issue. When I try to view I see:
"Sorry, an error occurred while retrieving the piston data."
with a button that says “Go Home”.
@ady624 any way I can fix this on my end?

Thanks! Is there a more elegant method than just another series of IF/ELSE statements?

i.e. a more optimized way of doing this:

IF JoshArrived AND PaulaArrived
Speak Welcome Both Text
ELSE IF JoshArrived
Speak Welcome Josh Text
ELSE IF PaulaArrived
Speak Welcome Paula Text

Okay, I will try this when I get home. I’m not familiar with the “log info” command. I’m assuming you’re asking me to use this so we can test and view the logs?

great. i had to use log because i dont have a connected thermo. you should use your original commands in their place.

thats assuming you have access to the thermostat when testing this. otherwise, yes the log statement would be a good way to test.

IN the IDE, MY locations - choose your hub - down to list SmartApps - Edit and that allows you to delete individual pistons if you can’t fix it any other way