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@ady624 agreed, in memory won’t work. here are a couple of ideas:

  1. Donations to cover hosting costs
  2. Subscription model
  3. Free software with paid premium features
  4. local hosting

i can easily see analytics (fuel stream) and event log (fuel log?) being part of the premium features. In fact when I first saw the reference to fuel stream, i thought this was going to be the event log.

i sincerely appreciate your willingness to put in your time and effort in providing free software and with such high quality. however, its not fair for any of us to expect you to be paying for significant hosting costs beyond what you already must be. so, yes my preference is #3 for the greater good while i would personally love #4. (sidebar: i don’t like depending on cloud instances for some things, even though with #4 I don’t think it totally solves the cloud problem with ST using cloud.)


on a quick glance, change this
boolean alarmWarning = false
boolean alarmWarning

its resetting your alarmWarning variable every time the piston is executed.

Thanks for the suggestion, that fixed a different issue that I overlooked but when STM is disarmed, it doesn’t relay on the alarmWarning value to stop the alarm. I’m still having the same issue when I changed alarmWarning to no default value.

I still have to pause the piston just to turn the alarm off on false alarm.

I’m looking to build a rachio schedule based on temperature.

What I want is, if a temp sensor is above a certain temp, at a specific time, turn on a switch, then wait a prescribed time, then turn on another switch (this turns off the first switch automatically), then wait a prescribed time, then turn on another switch…etc.

I’m concerned that adding multiple blocks will fire them all at once. I can’t figure out how to do what I’d like.


I agree. A subscription model would make the most sense - perhaps with two tiers? In them mean-time, a PayPal donate page?

First post


How can I put the status of a device into a Send Notification event?

Currently I have:
With MulitSensor
send notification: Alert: HIGH humidity, at {$currentEventValue}%
End With

However I want to show the on/off status of my dehumidifer switch. Like this:
send notification : Alert: HIGH humidity, at {$currentEventValue}% The dehumidifer switch is _____
and have it put ON/OFF into the blank accordingly.

I suppose I may need to add the dehumidifier switch to the “With” part? But even then I am not sure how to reference the state of the switch to fill in the blank.


Sure. What does flash_off() do? Could you turn on trace and post a snapshot post disarming?

[HumidifierDevice : switch] should work for referencing the state of the switch.

Everyone I have been trying to build a presence piston that works like the example except I want to use the geo-fencing of each phone on my system. I have been able to program it but now want to add a button so I can check on demand that each children is home by announcing each child by phone name. I have not been able to get the piston to work without the button and can not figure out how to test it so I thought just adding a button as seeing if the phone is present by person would be a good place to start. I was wrong, it is hard to combine these with the presence and speak function. Anyone doing this and have a sample that uses the native presence logic in smart things and not an add-on like the sample?

Which sample are you referring too?

I just realized I am in web core and not CoRE help area. The example was the Family Presence Notifications by @Bamarayne with life360 under coresamples

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Sounds like a good time to jump into webcore. Go to the wiki and check out the awesome video by @anon36505037

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You are correct. It is sometimes hard to understand what is the best tool for the job. CoRE has been a challenge to learn. I am guessing this is much easier as a editor. Thanks.

No coding required. Everything is entered via user interface.

Would $currentEventDevicePhysical=true also if the switch is off and I press off again? Or is this just for a change in physical state (e.g. on->off)?

In the IDE log I get:

7e6ea289-055c-45d7-be5d-8af226f3764b 12:51:50 AM: debug Parse returned [Gym Fan Controller was turned off]
7e6ea289-055c-45d7-be5d-8af226f3764b 12:51:50 AM: trace BasicReport
7e6ea289-055c-45d7-be5d-8af226f3764b 12:51:50 AM: trace doCreateEvent

I am trying to use my GE-fan control switch to toggle the fan light when it is off and I press off again but can get this to work in a piston.


I’ve checked the wiki but haven’t found anything like this: a list of differences between the way CoRE and webCoRE pistons execute.

@ady624 posted that webCoRE actions are executed async vs WebCoRE sync. I also think someone posted that TCP is automatically enabled in webCoRE and wasn’t in CoRE.

Are these documented in the wiki? If so, would someone point me to the page?

not sure, but believe that’s true for physical devices and false for virtual devices. someone please correct if I got that wrong.

when you recieve the new off event could you check the previous event to confirm that it was also an off event?

Flash Off is to turn the flash command for lights off (makes lights blink). What do you mean by a trace, I can do that but wasn’t sure how.

I can do #3, fuel streams will be a paid feature, along with the live dashboard view. They are both being built, they will be free until they are finalized. I can do event logs the same way. Unfortunatelly, JS’s reliance on local storage is not the best solution. Local storage is limited to about 5MB depending on platform/browser. InnoDB offers a much bigger space but it is not universal across platforms/browsers, and #4 would also require that the UI is always on to be able to retrieve and store them, which makes it impossible to use reliably.