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Then consider yourself challenged! :grimacing:

Damn, this is not good. Not safe… Hulk is acoming…

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Sonos players with status in piston dashboard.


My neighborhood is having an issue with packages being stolen. They’re typically left in the storm door so it props it open a bit. Here’s my attempt to deal with that. Works in conjunction with a rule on my Xfinity Home system to take photos under the same storm door conditions. Hid the siren next to the stoop to try and scare the crap out of the dude.


we are having the same issue with the mail. I used a Dakota sensor that hooks into a generic contact sensor and talks back to the Dakota station which has relays and goes into a Z-wave door sensor. My mailbox is about 300ft from my house and my mailbox is a metal one surrounded by stucco. They have a range about 1/4 mile which is helpful to get through the mailbox into the the stucco house… So now when the mailbox is open I know it has been. So far so good. Have not had any false alerts.

Man, the possibilities would be endless with webCoRE and sheets. Look at my nice little energy graph from the aeon HEM. I am logging the stats thru sheets and then post to google sites for easy viewing.


I am getting a lot of this thread, as explore WebCoRE. I am importing pistons of interest and saving them paused for later use as I dig in further. Great ideas here. Great Thread.

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Just got my first motion sensor. Here is a very simple way to turn it on when motion is detected and off a few seconds later, simpler than adding a wait and turn off command. Piston state also shows current state and last activity.

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You met the challenge! Just figuring this IFTTT thing out. I have a test spread sheet working.:+1:

LOL ha ha :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Here is a door or motion sensor making the light come on and turn back off. Many thanks to Adrian for making it work!

Just remove any references to the global variable of vanitypower. That is just so the light doesn’t turn off while my wife has her curling iron plugged in since she uses the closet mirror to get ready.

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Any examples for presence based on an IP address being pingable?

Piston to display average temperature and humidity inside and outside on the dashboard. If more than one sensor if available for either value, the standard deviation is shown as well:

This piston is a good example for using advanced expressions to handle different configurations and color temperatures based on their value:


Very simple piston to display a notification on a Samsung TV and something unrelated on the dashboard (the state of the TV). With this little piston I can see if someone is at the front door while watching TV or quickly check remotely if the TV is on…

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is this possible with most Samsung TVs?

I don’t know about ‘most’ but I know that all 2016 models can :smile:

I know how you fix that! You just need two things… a 3 year old and a hanmer. And kaboom you have a 2016 model. At least it worked for me, that’s how my 2015 got replaced


I must have a 2015 2014 (checked the model number) because I dont see anything about adding it anywhere

I truly created a monster. Ouch.


I think I got an H - is that 2013? Time to upgrade :smiley: where did I put those three hammers I had?!? Going to teach the kids how to play Just Dance on the Wii without the safety cords - cutting them cords…