[DEPRECATED THREAD: visit community.webcore.co for assistance] WebCoRE - Example Pistons

I looked through the things that are smart wiki and came up empty. Searching google just kept returning me to the “webCoRE design process” thread.

-CW (via thumbs)

Thank you!

Link to wiki in webcore

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We don’t have any nice emojis in win10 boooo lol

There’s a ton if you use the on-screen keyboard. Just counted 39 pages this size :raised_hands:


Help me find a fan or something that resembles it lol. (please :slight_smile: )

Closest one I found… :radioactive: – hmm it didn’t come out in color, oops, it did.

Edit: test ❊ ❋

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??? Fan, or someone gassy?


Look, here’s a green fan, they just have the picture upside down.


Try copy-pasting either of these:

They don’t look so pretty on Windows :frowning:

Here’s the icon I picked

Here’s what it looks like in action

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I second that, even my biohazard fan-workaround doesn’t look scary… just gray… blah (chrome and IE)

Hey could we please keep this thread for sharing pistons only (and my occasional reminders to keep the thread on point) … :smile:


What post shows you how to do this?

There isn’t one. Just disable automatic piston state in the piston settings, then use the set piston state command to set it to whatever you want.

Adrian added text formatting capability yesterday too. Here’s an example:

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This controls my pool pump, an Aeotec Heavy Duty Switch:


Nice. Now you need to figure a way to export the daily energy usage to a spreadsheet.

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Is that a challenge? I don’t do well with challenges lol


Shouldn’t this be possible if you add IFTTT to the mix?

Not a challenge, but a feature I’d like to see. :slight_smile:

It ain’t happenin’ without a challenge, so… tough luck :wink:

PS: Never challenge Garrrrrrfield :wink:
PPS: I meant challenge in a good, positive way
PPPS: 99.99999% of the time I use sarcasm as my main language :wink: