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If you don’t mind sharing :grinning: for me and others.

Please do :slight_smile:

I am also interested in your plex integration!! :grinning:

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They look amazing. Please share the pistons

Could you perhaps please tell us how to get the forecast text to refer to degrees Celsius (as opposed to Fahrenheit)?

And is is possible to set a location to be used for the forecast other than the hub’s location by way of gps co-ordinates?

Thank you.

OH YES PLEASE!!! :slight_smile:
Very nice

Yes please. Looks great.

$weather I think only works with your hub location which seems to work since mine reports my zip code correctly. I don’t think that’s configurable unless ady624 updates the $weather variable to allow you to update the zip code somehow. That actually wouldn’t be a bad idea, I could find some uses of creating a Weather Piston for other locations too.

Dustin just created a Weather section of the Wiki where you see a lot of the attributes like how to show celsius:

@ady624 would you please STOP innovating and adding more features? WebCoRE is becoming insanely addictive… wait, wait I didn’t nean that! Give me more, give me more!


What are these tiles?

Stopping. :smiley:

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Thanks, I got the answer.

The hub doesn’t recognise zip codes outside of the US, but if the zip code is left empty, it is clever enough to get its location from GPS coordinates and link that to the closest weather station. I suspect it gets the GPS coordinates when the home location is set in the ST mobile app.

They are regular pistons displayed as tiles, showing the current state of the light switch (yellow bulb is ON, grey bulb is OFF - timer on the buttom shows when the piston will turn off the light). The yellow bulb is actually blinking …while the timer is running

Is this configurable within webcore? I see the tiles on the dashboard, but mine are all greyed out.

this is for home occupancy, door lock, and bedtime variable…these are just pistons to display the tile though


thermostats (needs some tweaking I think)


These are tiles on the landing page as you open webCore…See post above from @bigverm23 for some awesome examples…

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Here’s my Weather Status Piston updated to use the new Tiles. I still would like to add more conditions I think for the temperatures. For instance, if High is below freezing then it’ll be blue. I’ll try working on that tomorrow. I haven’t tested if the Weather Alerts work correctly in a tile, may have a too big of a string to fit I’m thinking so that may need removed to not be a tile or just show something generic like Alert and show as red instead of showing the actual alert. Illuminate has to come from another source if you use this, the $weather function doesn’t have Illuminate rating.

I got a good template to look at from bigverm23’s weather tiles above so thanks for sharing yours above.


with your piston above, if you try add a PUSH notification under the SMS notifiaciotn, with the same information, the piston will not save. You just get the spinning squares. Any ideas why?

How do you assign pistons to categories?

edit: Got it. On the piston page.

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Okay, starting to get the picture here - but speaking of pictures, is there a list of icons available? (snowflake, thermometer, bulb, etc)