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How many chunks is this beautiful beast?

SoFlo gets $0.12/kWh throughout. They have a tiered plan too, but haven’t bothered - A/C is the largest consumer and works most during peak price hours so no thank you :wink:

Dang. I thought TX was expensive. I’m on 7.9c per kWh.


Thought I would share some of mine, even though they might have already been covered.

This turns on the bedroom lights with motion, unless the mode is Night, and unless it’s in the morning when waking up. Lights turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

to get current temp:


Is it possible to capture temp/humidity and other data from a Nest thermostat to a fuel stream?

Holy Crap!

I can easily beat that: 12pm-6pm daily: $.49976/kWh
…and that’s why I went for solar :wink:

This uses an RGB bulb to change color based on the temperature outside. It uses SmartWeather device as the temperature sensor. Colors advance through the spectrum from 0F-100F, getting bluer for cold, redder for hot, and all in between. If it’s below 0 or above 100, the bulb flashes three times.


Has anyone done a basic “slow fade outdoor lights on at sunset, off at sunrise” piston?

needs some formatting, but new piston tiles are coming along nicely!!


Here’s a slow fade at sunset and off at sunrise.


Nice :slight_smile: Mind sharing some backup codes for the top tiles? @ady624 just added execute for tiles too so we can make tiles to turn off lights :slight_smile:

umm, that would be illegal, don’t do it… LOL

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Dang, those are some pretty precise thermostats :stuck_out_tongue:

Would you mind sharing how you got the ‘All Device Status’ to list like that?

I reckon it would be similar to this one (just substitute device status):

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Cool. Here’s mine. Different levels for different lights. Trying a slow 1hr fade at first for some, because I know my dimmer ramps are hyperbolic. Fading off the outside bulbs in the morning also.

Coming along now

Ill attached the piston code in a separate response if anyone wants it


Here’s my Weather Status Piston that reports Weather Status and sends SMS to my cell daily at 7:00 AM for a full list of the $weather functions that anyone could use. I think I started out with something else that had something similar but I added much more to it. $weather doesn’t have illuminate rating for the sunlight level so you would have to use another Device to get that reading like Nest Weather I use but I think other Weather Devices (Virtual or Physical can get that reading too.

I haven’t gotten around to using the Tiles yet for this but that is would be time consuing with 22 different weather statuses.

Here’s what the Piston State looks like for me: