[DEPRECATED THREAD: visit community.webcore.co for assistance] WebCoRE - Example Pistons

Wake up piston for mornings, weekdays and weekend.
Most things you could adjust in variables.
Created for Philips hue, and Sonos.
But like anything, its adjustable.


This piston controls our boiling water tap

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@Townsmcp would this work as well ?

Only if you can time your presence changing to present and opening the door at the exact same time. You have two triggers here so you will likely never get this to fire, ever. Change it so that the presence sensor IS present. It should automatically not subscribe to that since you have the trigger. But if the lightning bolt does not go away then go into the advanced options and change the subscription policy for the presence sensor.

Try a refresh too, if the bolt sits there

I am using custom piston states to make the dashboard a little more informative:

Some of the pistons leading to this are:

Battery monitor:

Solar report:

Porch Camera:


Thank you for this. Your pistons are really helping me with variables and expressions.

How did you get the emojis in the expression?

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I just typed them in - after all, they are just Unicode characters :wink:
On macOS, open the Character palette by typing ⌃⌘Space and then either select “Emoji” on the left or search (example of my favorite one attached :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:):

For Windows 10 I would try to follow the instructions at http://blog.getemoji.com/emoji-keyboard-windows


Ahh, thanks.

@ahndee I’m guessing you can’t see these extra descriptions on a mobile browser? I have added the battery piston but when looking at the dashboard on iOS the extra text isn’t showing - just the piston name.
I love the idea of these though. Well done

Soo cool.
Mind posting a snap on how you implemented the Unicode in the piston?

@Townsmcp it works just fine in mobile Safari on iOS 10.3.1 for me. Make sure that

  1. The piston state has already updated (the battery piston runs twice a day only) - does the status show in a desktop browser?
  2. The dashboard has been reloaded
  3. You are using characters that are supported by you version of iOS

@einars did you see my posting just a few posts above where I outlined how to enter those emojis?


I’m on 10.3.1 too…now the piston has run its shows in the dashboard :+1:I didn’t take into account the run twice a day.
Great job

I’m loving these custom piston states, never thought to use them this way. Thanks for the idea :slight_smile:


Found out.
Using a mac was far easier, and they worked.

Do you have an example code wise on how to get the temp/last event info per device?


Ditto! Great idea.

Does this help? This piston subscribed to 3 things: location mode, contact sensor’s temperature, and a global variable. Changes to any of these 3 things will cause the piston to execute. Every time it executes, I grab $currentEventAttribute (temp, mode, variable) and $currentEventValue. If you wanted to see the device name itself you can use $currentEventDevice too, I didn’t because I know which sensors are used by which pistons.

I know several people have posted about getting contact reports for WebCore, but I piece together a simpler method of tracking open/close with one if statement.