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Correct, right now though it doesn’t display until the sensor is triggered for first time after the piston is created. I’ll check if the code can be modified to fix that and will update if I can get that to work

I usually add a condition of if time is any then hit the test button

As well as the font awesome options, you can also use emoji, but they vary in appearance across browsers.

Please post new examples and re-post your existing examples on the new forum… it has a dedicated examples category rather than bunching everything into a massive thread:


Trying this again wrote a simple piston to turn light on & off when gone.
Will it work?

Thanks Mike

It should work.
As an aside, look at the post above yours. There is a bright shiny new exclusive for webCoRE only forum.
Would be better to post all queries etc. there.

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Hello everybody!
After few struggle I managed to set the Github for EU Yeah… than I hit a rock, I am struggling to duplicate the pistons I found in this forum let alone creating from the scratch. then I thought for the people that know programming would you consider make a short videos on how to program on WebCoRE, with small example etc…
I see smartthings have few videos.
One thing is to see a pistons another is to find out what attribute and where to find them as well as combination etc…

Please need help

There is a webCoRE forum now that has lots of information and is dedicated to webCoRE.
Here is an introductory video.

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I just starred using this and its amazing.
I didn’t really like setting up pistons on my phone with the old core. Its so much easier now!!
thank you!


Come setup a login on the webCoRE community.
Send me a PM here on ST to verify it is your new profile there, and a link to your SA or DTH(s) that you’ve created and I can get you verified into the community developers private group

This is my piston for using a 4-button keypad in order to controll a dimmable lightbulb. Buttons 1 and 2 are for on/off, keeping button 3 down dims the bulb gradually and keeping button 4 down brightens it.


Come post your example here:
We would love to have it be part of the repository!

Nice work btw!

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Thanks for the kind words!


How do you get the piston to get the “every 12 hours…” just after “execute” and then the "do?. I am new to webCoRE but I have setup pistons with CoRE. Just can’t seem to figure out how to get some of these options up.

use the timer block

And you should check out the forums at https://community.webcore.co

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What device is being used for the dryer here? Something that monitors acceleration? Is it a multisensor?

simply question om sure… how do you edit to add to the comment section?

Click the cog symbol in any of the dialoge boxes to show the description text box: