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Currently my window nag barks when the outside air temp or humidity is greater than the indoor temp/humidity.

What do I need to do to make the announcement occur when the temp/humidity is X% higher

You’ll have to use a human in place of the dog ;P. j/k – how are you playing the bark sound, what player?

I guess seeing the piston would help huh?

@ahndee , what camera are you using, where does the picture go? I’d like to get something like this to work for my Arlo’s but haven’t been able to get it to work with CoRE/WebCoRE… CoRE capture() / recordClip() with ARLO wireless camera

I am using a Foscam FI9821Pv2 using @RBoy’s custom DTH. The picture goes into the SmartThings cloud and recent images can be seen on the image carousel of the device or the recent list (though both these currently have major image corruption issues with the latest app release on iOS).

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Here’s a link to the pool stuff:

Here’s one of my door open/closed pistons. Using a screen shot instead of the photo button so you can see the current variable value that sets the piston state, as well as the expression used to set it. I have the expression build split into several steps to make it easier to modify, but you could do it all in one too.

For the Office Occupied thing, it’s just a virtual switch that I turn on and off with a minimote or voice. We have a guest room and office that sometimes doubles as a guest room, I set them to occupied when someone is staying with us to disable or modify a handful of automations to deal with guests potentially being home when my wife or I are not.

Here’s another example:


Here’s my Sonos and temperature pistons. Both are hacks of someone else’s pistons.

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Thanks, I’ll check that out


Hey Bob,

I’m not having any luck with getting the piston to display state on the dashboard, the only change i made was to daily from weekly. Nor am i getting daily texts


Hi Rick.
Not sure why it’s not displaying on dashboard unless your batteries are above the indicated levels.
As for texts, I never use texts so cannot comment on that either. Sorry.

Thank you Chris.

  1. Is it possible to show errors (or a notification that there was an error) in the Piston state? (By the way, I’ve had a few pistons which have been running fine for more than a week now, suddenly failing during the last 24 hours. They did not turn stuff on or switched virtual switches)
  2. How does one add the time (to the piston state) when the next execution of a piston will occur?

There’s a system variable, $nextScheduledEvent (or maybe it’s $nextScheduledTask, LOL … can’t remember, I need some sleep), that you can try, but I haven’t used it yet, so I don’t know if it returns a time :slight_smile:

What kind of errors are you talking about? Regardless, I don’t think it would be possible. You can hard code text or use global/system/local variables, but that’s about it AFAIK.

Maybe not errors so much, but just a warning that an error occurred when the piston ran?

Will try both, thanks.

I don’t think there’s any type of system variable or anything that would show that information.

Just go to a condition where you can select Variables … it’ll be in the drop-down list with the other system variables.

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Yeah, I don’t recall (my mind is a bit fuzzy at the moment :grinning: — lack of sleep) seeing anything pertaining to errors either… but who knows, Adrian may have slipped stuff passed us, LOL


LOL The voice announcing the warning, not barking like a dog. I’d like to set the nag to warn of the outside conditions when they are, lets say 10 degrees hotter and humidity 10 points higher.

Would I do something like capture the current temp as a variable and add 10? I’m somewhat clueless on setting variables. Most of my piston are limited to IFTTT, but I’m learning. (slowly)

This is cool, can you give us the green camera codes so we can import them as well?