[Deprecated] Thinking Cleaner 2.x (Roomba Control)

Does anyone have a spare Thinking Cleaner Module for sale??

Message me, I have mine that I’m no longer using.

Thank You.

Please excuse any typos.

Interesting, any update on this?

Looking at controlling my roomba with 8266.

Don’t know how many people out there are still using their Thinking Cleaner. Mine’s been collecting dust in the box for nearly a year at this point.

Can’t help wanting to tinker with it though.

If you could divine the api calls for clean/dock on the TC, could you run some sort of server on the pi to route calls from the internet and send them to the TC? Figure I’d use webcore to make the calls. Assuming you could run network proxy software like Charles to sniff the calls on the TC?

Unfortunately i’m not much help here. Curious if this would work and if anyone had direction on how to do it. What software would you use on the pi? What does the setup look like? Something you could point to?

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