[DEPRECATED] Tado Cooling Integration

@xneo1 i have no time available at the moment to look into this in detail. but i did get mine working ok with a quick dirty workaround, i have just updated the device handlers with a selectable zone id, please read the updated first post for details on how to correctly set the zone id (once i have updated shortly)…sorry its a bit messy, but to do it correctly i would need to write a smartapp to do the detection and install the devices but i have no time at the moment to develop all though i have made a start

@Fuzzyligic the dirty workaround is good enough, with this device handle, we could create 2 device for different Tado AC and with single username & password and enter zone 1 & zone 2, That is exactly I need…

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Hi there, strange problem here. I added the device handler, added the device and I see the temp listed however, when I open the device in my app it crashes… The app closes. Any ideas?

It happen to using the IOS version, Try open it (only for the first time) with Android based ST app

Or as an alternative you can set the device type preferences directly in the IDE which will allow you to open on IOS. I don’t know why it crashes on IOS before you get the chance to edit the preferences

I did try to change the seetings in the IDE but no avail. I opened it via my sons’s android and that did the trick :slight_smile:

I have trouble integrating Tado Cooling into SmartThings. The interface does show without crashing on my iPad but all functions are not working. I am wondering if I did something wrong in the IDE. Is Zone ID the Measuring Device “WR1********2”?

No the zone id will be a single digit starting from 0. Read the first post again and look at the address bar of your browser when you log into my.tado.com and select your zone. It shows the ID there.

Others though have reported that it still doesn’t work first time with an apple device, but I do think that is because the first update has not happened before they try and access. Use pollster to set the update period to 5 mins and wait that long before you try and access and you should be fine as long as your zone is its correct.

Thank you Fuzzyligic, I am a newbie in this field. Do you mind elaborating more on using pollster to set the update period to 5mins? a guide possibly?

see geko’s post on pollster

one installed just open the smartapp in your ST app and select the Tado device and set the time to be 5 mins.

Once again thank you Fuzzyligic, I got the interface to show without crashing. Seems like it all the functions aren’t working. Went through the whole process of adding into SmartThings and still cannot find any fault. Unable to switch on the air-condition on app, unable to decrease or increase the temperature etc. Is the application functioning normally as of now?

Yes it certainly is. The best thing you can do is have the live logging window open whilst you perform the actions and Direct Message me your logs. Be aware though that your password will be visible in the logs in plain text so be sure to search and replace before you post it. You can limit the logs to just that device by clicking on the device name at the top of the logging window once you have performed the test actions

just for everyone else’s information the reason @marcusqzy could not get it working was because he didn’t actually select the manual mode method as it already looked to be set, but this is a bug and you do need to set this otherwise all actions will fail to execute.

I am currently working on a Tado (Connect) smartapp to act as the wrapper to automatically discover the devices and configure everything. however it is a big structural change to all the Tado device types to support this. so will not be releasing until i have tested myself extensively as these device types have achieved a fair level of maturity and stability that i don’t want to upset when releasing the smartapp.


Stuart Buchanan

Hello there all the way from Cairo, Egypt
i have purchased the tado Ac IR control and i cannot make it work with smartthings

from where do i start as i am new in these kind of products
thank you

I’m late to the party with this one, but just added AC to my existing Tado Heating setup. Had the heating up and running for some time but can not get the AC to work. I’ve added the DH, set default heating and cool temperatures, but when i select the device in Smartthings none of the buttons seem to do anything.

I read about setting the zone which you get from my.tado.com but when i log into that site I cant see anything about a zone ID.

Any ideas anyone?

If i end manual control, then the system cools to 20, but i don’t have 20 set as my default set point for cooling and I cant adjust it anywhere.

@Neil_Oakley this has been deprecated, the device handler won’t work without the smartapp anymore. you’ve installed the whole thing as per

without this it wont work, if you have set everything up as per that post and the github instructions and it still doesnt work, PM me your logs

Yes, thats exactly what I did. I used the Taco (Connect) smart app to do everything. As i said i’ve been using it for heating for ages now without issue. Now i’ve added AC, the heating still works fine but AC doesn’t.

ok well i will be unable to assist until you DM me the logs from when you press a button

Thanks - have just sent logs by DM