[DEPRECATED] ST_Anything - Arduino/ESP8266/ESP32

Certainly nobody’s fault. I am just puzzled that the newest version would do that :confused: I certainly have too many that I would want to change to a different type right now.

Changing the Device Handlers would not cause an issue with a sensor at the Arduino. However, in order to use the new Child Device Handlers, you also have to use the new Parent Device Handler. They are a matched set.

I will admit that the ThingShield version of the Parent Device Handler receives minimal testing at this point, simply because they are no longer available for purchase, and most people are not changing the ones they do have too much at this time.

There are a few differences in new capabilities that the ThingShield version does not have yet (RGB, RGBW, and Generic off the top of my head), but I believe the Temperature and Humidity Child Devices should work as expected.

As for the DHT library, I currently have the latest stable version of that library that works on the Arduino, ESP8266, and the ESP32 platforms. The author of that library, Rob Tillart, has a higher performance version of the library which I used to include BEFORE I added support for the ESP8266 platform. Since it did not work with that platform, I resorted to the lowest common denominator solution (i.e. DHT Stable) to include in my repository to try and make sure everyone could have all of the libraries they need for ST_Anything in a “One Stop Shop!”

I am glad you were able to get your system back up and running again, and thank you for sharing your experience as I am sure it may help others.


Thanks for all you have done for us here Dan. I would not have been able to add 12 sensors this way if not for your work.


@vseven totally going to jump into your RGBW setup! Will probably wait for your guide though - you still planning to write one?
Fantastic work, and love that you stuck the ST_Anything arch - it shows that what @ogiewon has done can be added to by users like yourself - hope to see more follow.


I am but I have no idea when. My wife wants over the cabinet lights before our annual Friendsgiving which is the Sunday after Thanksgiving so I hope to get it done by then.

Have you already bought the LED’s? How many individual ones are you looking to control or just one set?

Hey all!

I’ve got an idea (more of a goal rather!) to add some pushbuttons to my office installation’s lighting setup…

For some reason when the office was setup, no switches were added… just the mains switchboard…

So years later, I come in and want to add those switches… and I see this empty box…

How can I go about adding those relays and switches to ST? I think I have to use this project… right?

Having a parts list would be awesome… I have some arduinos and some raspberry’s laying around somewheres…

Thanks in advance guys!

Can you post a higher resolution picture of the breakers? And are you sure there is no other place to turn them on/off?

Usually office lighting is 277 volts which you can control with this project but you will need some heavy duty pilot relays to handle that voltage/amperage. Even if its 110 you’ll need pilot relays although they might be slightly cheaper. Plus it will involve wiring this higher voltage which if your not experienced with electricial wiring I would not suggest doing it yourself.

As for parts its going to depend on what you have (voltage/amperage, any switches anywhere, etc) but I personally would use a ESP8266 instead of the arduinos…they are inexpensive and better tested with this project.

I’ll post the pic next time I get to the office… Did I mention I’m in Spain? Maybe the voltage is different? (just maybe…)

on another note… where/how can I insert this product in the circuit?

I wouldn’t think you being in Spain or matter, again you have to use a pilot really that safe for the ESP826 and also can flow power for your lighting. As for the switch what exactly are you trying to do?

Simply have a backup… say I’m not in the office and someone needs to turn on/off a light… they most probably will want a physical button rather than pull out a cell phone…

as for the ESP826, I’ll check it out… Thanks!

EDIT: Will this do? I need an arduino anyways right?

This might help you - https://www.superhouse.tv/25-arduino-home-automation-light-switch-controller/

Please contact an electrician to add traditional light switches (or smart light switches) so you and your users will be safe.

I do not recommend using ST_Anything for a commercial, high voltage system. SmartThings is designed for non-commercial, residential applications.

Please be sure to adhere to all local electrical and fire codes. You don’t want to mess with a commercial electrical system unless you are a licensed electrician. Please also consider insurance issues you might create if everything is not done up to code/regulation.


I will agree with Dan that you should definitely contact a electrician to do this properly. I have never seen commercial office lights not have switches to turn things on and off other then at what appears to be the breaker panel. That makes no sense to me.

I will disagree however about not using ST_Anything. I come from a commercial/industrial automation and controls background and we use low voltage controllers to control high voltage devices safely every day. As long as you have a properly rated pilot relay between the low voltage (Arduino/ESP8266/etc) side and the high voltage (lights/motors/etc) then you should be fine and meet whatever code requirements there are. But again I would have a qualified electrician make that determination on what would meet code.


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Here are the culprits of my sleepless nights! lol!


Yeah…I would definitely contact a qualified electrician and get a second opinion. If there truly arn’t any switches anywhere then someone will have to cut the power to that panel and wire stuff in whether its manual switches or properly rated relays connected to something running ST_Anything. But again get a electrician to look at it.

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No worries on that part… my brother-in-law is an electrician… :slight_smile:

I was just looking into the posibilities of having both ST and physical momentary switches controlling the lights…

although another posibility I had thought of was having a tablet mounted on top of the metal cover I showed in the first pictures…

You could do either. I would think switches in parallel to controlled relays would be the easiest but your brother can probably give you suggestions also.

Just have an electrician add a properly rated z-wave switch in series with each circuit. Then you have local and remote control for each circuit. Of course, you’ll need the leave the breakers on all of time.

There is no reason to use ST_Anything for this application as commercial, safety-certified, properly rated off-the-shelf devices are readily available.

While I agree it is technically possible and feasible to build it yourself, there is no reason to. Safety should be your number one priority, especially in a commercial building with many employees. Also, if anything were to go wrong, your insurance company would probably try to deny any claim once they saw a DIY mains-voltage hardware setup.

Fibaro’s devices for example? Remember I’m in Europe… (darned frequency changes…)