[DEPRECATED] [RELEASE] Blue Iris Fusion - Integrate SmartThings and Blue Iris!

Nice! That is a good idea! I’ll have to think on that, it may not be
cosmic. You could try creating a group in Blue Iris, and use that group
name as the camera name in the smart app. No idea if that works, but it’d
be simple to test and implement.

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I was not putting http:// in front of the external address. Works great and thank you for writing it. I will learn a lot by reading through the code.

Let me ask you this. Is it possible to make a “virtual” device in ST? In other words, could a camera be defined which runs the code that does the trigger so that they could be added into SHM or triggered otherwise “as cameras”?

Considering that Stunnel will only allow it to connect via https, I think we’re safe. Did you change yours back to local now? How is it working giving the settings I mentioned?

I’d have to say, mine is working like a champ. I have no issues with this setup… working well, thank you. I seem to remember in another post, someone claiming this was impossible, glad it isn’t the case. BI’s geofence sucked, particularly with multiple phones on android and ios.

Great work creating this Blue Iris configuration. I was able to set it up and confirm it works correctly. One note, however, is that I don’t receive push notifications, although I have it marked as “yes,” when a trigger occurs. Just an FYI…doesn’t change the value I get out of the work done.

You sure can! Have Blue Iris’ Alerts set for each camera to trigger a virtual switch/motion sensor via IFTTT. When BI detects motion, it uses IFTTT to “turn on” the motion sensor, and you can use SHM or any alert app you want. Here’s a thread describing how to set it up, and I have a post in there with a link to my virtual device code:

If I can figure out feedback locally (probably some roundabout way of local control from smartthings to BI but then externally from BI to smartthings) we’ll get this sorted further…

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It’s been solid, thanks! I think I found a VPN solution as well, if I can get it done I’ll post a how to.

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Thanks. I already have Blue Iris alerts set up to trigger the Maker channel which then can turn on a light. But what I was looking for was a way to cause a motion detector to “think” it was triggered so that SHM and other automations could use it.

I think I was asking for too much :slight_smile:

This is exactly what I am looking for/thinking of.

I want to be able to use my 12 cameras in my home, that all have “motion” abilities, to trigger those as motion sensors in ST. I am going to make another topic on this.

Yup! If you like further down that post you’ll see a link to my virtual
motion-switch device. If you install that device type, you can use the
Maker channel you have set up to turn on the virtual switch. The virtual
switch device type is also a motion sensor in smartthings, so when the
Maker channel turns on the switch, It registers as motion active in
smartthings. Then you set up another maker applet in IFTTT to turn off the
switch, which sets motion to inactive. Just use my virtual device type and
look through the whole thread, it sounds like you’re already 99% there!


Is this what you are looking for?

I also modified this:

to work in reverse (have a ST motion send a PTZ command to BI)

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was EXACTLY what I am looking for!!

I am having an issue where I am not able to copy the URLs out of the app, that is going to be a bit of an issue for 12 cameras =D


Thank you!! This is exactly what I want too. 9 cameras are a lot of “free” motion sensors for ST to play with. :slight_smile:
Anyone have either a tutorial using HTTP POST to trigger a virtual motion detector or some kind of integrated smart app?

That app is a good solution, but I got tired of the URL changing every time I went to the app’s preferences (and then having to change it in Blue Iris), so I use a Blue Iris-IFTTT Maker Channel-Smartthings to accomplish the same thing. This post from above points to another thread about how to set it up. You won’t have to worry about coping the URLs from the app and then them changing on you if you enter preferences again. Just click below to open the post, and click the link to go to the thread, “[Solved] (in a round-about way…)”:

I use that virtual device, two IFTTT Maker applets, one to turn it “on” and one for “off” (active and no motion), and then just point Blue Iris alerts to that IFTTT channel. Haven’t had to touch it since I set it up last July. Here’s a link to the virtual device too:

Let me know if you have any issues. Not as clean as a smartapp and depends on IFTTT, but works just as well and doesn’t have the same mess with URLs.

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@JMZ do I publish for me both parent and child app?

Yup, you need to publish both in the API. It’s just when you go on your
phone to install the app, you just need to install the parent.

Notifications added to triggers! I just updated both the parent and child apps in Github. Now you can have triggers send push/sms/notification center messages. Also added expanded/corrected notifications for profile changes. Be sure to update your apps, and after publishing them, open the app up on your phone to ensure the settings are correct (defaults to no notifications). Let me know if you need any help!

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Just updated with a slight tweak, the Smartthings App Notification tab was super cluttered having each trigger display a line, so now you can turn that on or off in each trigger’s settings.

Thanks for the script! I added a “contact closed” option because I have a driveway sensor that is NO and closes when it detects a vehicle which triggers a door sensor wired to its relay.