[Deprecated] New TP-Link/Kasa Plug, Switch, and Bulb Integration

Yes it seems to work fine. What threw me was that this table doesn’t include the “TP Link EM Multi-Plug.groovy” DH which is the one I needed. But I eventually found it.

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Im constantly getting either network error or token error. Tried reinstalling, resetting kasa password, not using any password managers. Cant get past this step.

Appreciate any help or guidance.

And this one !

Getting the same thing. Shame there is no home energy monitoring with the official kasa ST link. I wonder if this is because this is the new ST app not the classic?

No. It is because the TP-Link integration for the devices did not include the Energy Monitor functions. If you contact TP-Link, you may have some chance for them to include in the SmartThings integration.


I gave up with it, returned it back to Amazin and found some official smartthings plugs. They work really well and the energy readout is very quick. Ive got it hooked into Webcore now in a laundry piston. Happy days.

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