[Deprecated] New TP-Link/Kasa Plug, Switch, and Bulb Integration

Thanks for getting back to me.
So yeh I did the two things you suggest before putting my first message up. So the official one was uninstalled which was great. And I tried to remove your one, again before the message but that didn’t work just comes up with this when I try and remove it

Need error logs when you are trying to remove. Turn on live logging on the IDE and start again. The error log for the application only should be copied here.

image LJust ran the error logs and this is what I get on it:

A summary of your state:
You tried to remove devices via the phone application - and that failed for some. How many?
You tried to remove the Service Manager via the phone application - and that failed.
You also have some devices you can’t remove but have de-installed (unplugged, etc) (the errors in the log are devices that the Kasa cloud can not find).

I just tried on my devices and had no problems. Some other things to try:

  • Manually remove all of the devices from your rule-based app and other apps. This list is available on the “devices” page for the device.

  • Try uninstalling the device again.

  • Look at the new phone application and assure that the Kasa Account linkage has been removed. This can cause wierd things since the devices use the same identifier in the system (smart confusion).

After that, I am out of ideas.

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