[Deprecated] Lutron Caseta Connect V1.5

Great Job…Now I have think of getting a pro hub for my 5 picos lol

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Tested with my PICO remotes, everything is working wonderfully.

I guess one of the limitations is pressing the PICO buttons in the SmartThings app doesn’t send anything back to the Lutron bridge to turn on whats been preprogrammed from the Lutron app.

EDIT: Spoke too soon, I’m missing my outlet dimmers that were working in the beta. Now they don’t get discovered

Welcome to the SmartThings community! I use “work around” solutions regularly compared to the official supported devices/apps. It is very common for these “work arounds” to be much better.

CoRE @ady624 is probably the best example but there are so many like Alexa Helper @MichaelS , SmartLife RGBWW LED Controller @erocm1231 , SmartAlarm @geko , Enhanced Z-Wave Lock @RBoy just to name the very few I personally have used and loved.

So I would not wait around but jump in and get your feet wet. :smiley:


Thanks, appreciate it. I’m in the ‘Hello World’ or ‘Motion->Light’ phase of my learning. Cheers.

Outlet dimmers huh? Well, I know why they don’t work. It should be an easy fix at least. When I added support for Pico’s and scenes I had to use the device types to sort what was what. Since I don’t have any of those dimmers I didn’t think of it and do not know what that device type is. Are you able to try something for me? In the smartapp you will see at line 271/272

def lutronHandler(physicalgraph.device.HubResponse hubResponse) {
def body = hubResponse.json

right under that add the line:

log.debug body

Save and publish it then go into the Smartapp (You don’t have to start all over just go into it via the Automations tab) and at the same time have live logging up in the IDE. You should see a big hunk of output in the logs with all of your devices and their info etc. If you can copy and paste that to me I should be able to get the device type from it and can fix the issue so they are once again recognized.

Also, is there any significant difference that you feel that device warrants a separate device type or does it in essence operate just like a switch? Thanks!!

My messages were getting truncated but luckily the old server spat out all the information we need.

Model number: PD-3PCL-WH
DeviceType: PlugInDimmer

I would keep it in the switches category

Perfect. I updated the code and uploaded it to the github. Assuming your are using the git integration just update from repo and try it. You should not have to reinstall everything. Just go in under automations and wait (will probably take about 30s) and hopefully they will appear. Let me know.

Works like a charm

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Good to hear. Let me know if any other issues arise.

Hi Nate

Thanks for releasing this! I’m looking to finally migrate from my staples connect hub that is a secondary connection that has Pico remotes as my rental apartment had no neutral wiring.

It looks like I should get the pro smart bridge, but it looks like there are two versions out, the v2 with homekit and the first gen, does your code work with either version? Thanks!

As far as I know the only difference between the v1 and v2 is the homekit stuff which I’m not making any use of. Thus either should be fine. I have not personally tested both but am confident either will work.

Thanks Nate, do I take it that means you have the v2? For some reason the 2nd gen seem to be relatively rare or the model number is different.

I cannot get the physical button on the Pico to do anything. The buttons in the app do work and control my other devices. What might I be missing?

When I push a physical button, the window running the script does update.


I do have the v2. I bought it off Amazon in a combo with a switch. Sadly, I do not see it on Amazon anymore. :frowning:

You’re using the button controller app I mentioned in the directions? You do have a pro hub I assume? You turned on telnet in the Luton app? What output are you seeing in the Python script when you press a pico button?

Yes to all of your questions. Here is and example of the output:



OK yup that all looks good then. What do you see in the logs for your pico device?

If you’re talking about the event list in the SmartThings dev stuff, it doesn’t show anything for the physical button push. If you mean something else, I need help finding it. :slight_smile:

When you click a Pico button you should see something like below. Do you see that when you click a physical button? When you click a button in the ST app?

I am trying to update to version 1. when I try and run the script I am getting

File “LutronPi.py”, line 25, in
import ipaddress
ImportError: No module named ipaddress

I updated the IP address for the hub and bridge. The Raspberry pi was running just fine with the beta version.