[Deprecated]Keypad Delay Talker (deprecated Jul 02, 2018)


This function is now part of smartapp SHM Delay (Section 18. Using Sounds and Text to Speach)


Issue speech information during a (Centralite/Iris/Xfinity/Iris) Keypad’s exitdelay and entrydelay time periods. Currently, @rayzurbock’s Big Talker does not have an option to monitor the keypad’s alarm state.


  • Supports multiple keypads, LanNouncer devices, and speakers
  • User configurable Exit text message.
    Default: Smart Home Monitor is arming in 30 seconds. Please exit the facility
  • Optional User configurable Entry delay text message.
    Default: Please enter your pin on the keypad
  • For LanNouncer Devices: Chime, text message, Chime
  • For speakers (such as Sonos): text message


There is one module associated with this app: Keypad_ExitDelay_Talker

To install via the repository, add the following to the IDE Settings
Owner: arnbme (in upper case that is ARNBME)
Name: SmartThingsPublic
Branch: Master

You may manually install by going to https://github.com/arnbme/SmartThingsPublic/tree/master/smartapps/arnbme then copy the module and installing 'from code" You may also copy the source from the code links below.


The keypad’s DTH must issue command sendEvent with name: “armMode”. The Centralite Keypad DTH by Mitch Pond and Zack Cornelius is suggested.

A smartapp issuing commands that execute the command in the DTH suchas: EThayer’s Lock Manager
or Smart Alarm. Usually this is done with command SetExitDelay. If your supported keypad device beeps at Exit / Entry delay this should work.

Source Code

Thanks for this. I will test with my 3 speakers. 2 Samsung and one Fabriq.

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Released updated version with an optional Entry Delay message.

How to install:
Update from Github or code. Edit “entry message” if desired. Save.

Why this was needed:
While testing the SHM Delay with a delay profile exit time coded, and Lannouncer is set to issue “enter your pin” message when door contact opens in Away Mode: the contact opens during SHM Delay exit delay. Lannouncer will issues the “enter your pin” message". Very confusing.

This module is deprecated and is now part of SHM Delay