[DEPRECATED] - Hive (Connect) V2.6 (British Gas Hive)

Got things installed now, and just initiated a Boost from ST - it’s cool this evening! I have one question - how do I control the heating from a Smart App? I can only see the Hive Heating as a thermostat with no way to turn the heating on/off, or switch to Scheduled etc.

You should see a new device under ‘Things’. Depending on what your thermostat is called in Hive, it will appear like ‘My Thermostat Hive Heating’ or ‘My Thermostat Hive Hot Water’. It’s from the device that you can control the modes and set the temperature, not the smart app.

Hi, new to all of this I’m afraid. received this error when creating the new SmartApp "startup failed: script14767108264331253455621.groovy: 42: unexpected token: name @ line 42, column 6. 42 name: “Hive (Connect)”, ^ 1 error ". Any ideas please most welcome.

No matter guys, all sorted now :slight_smile:

Hi, is there a way of switching off the heating or lowing the temp when a smart things contact sensor is opened? for example if our patio door is opened. Many thanks in advance

There are some Smart Apps on this community that would help you set up rules that interact with the Hive heating device. A lot of people are using this one [RELEASE CANDIDATE] CoRE (Community's own Rule Engine)

Absolutely, CoRE is doing exactly what you describe for me Ian - if my back door is open, turn the heating down.

All it’s lacking my my mother’s voice shouting “I’m not heating the whole street you know!”. But CoRE could do that too if I wanted :wink:

Not heating the whole street, you know…!!!

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Hi Alex,

I am trying to update the apps, but finding it difficult to remove the connect app. I have tried to remove the connect app from the Heating/ Hot water apps, but it wont let me. Do you have any steps that I can follow?


Hi Vikash,

What version are you upgrading from? To upgrade from a v2.0 or later version of the smart app or devices, you shouldn’t need to remove the app. You just need to paste over the old code with the latest version in the Smartthings IDE, save and publish. Then open the Hive (Connect) app in the Smartthings mobile app and click ‘Done’ to make sure you have the latest version running.


Quick question on this, think they may be fairly new but was wondering if this would/could be made to work with the Hive bulbs?


Would love to have Hive bulbs as part of this, but as I have Philips Hue around the house, I don’t have any to play around with. Hopefully like the contact sensor, someone in the community can create an add on in the future.

hi, how did you sort it? cheers

getting startup failed: script14788854223091250764952.groovy: 42: unexpected token: name @ line 42, column 6. 42 name: “Hive (Connect)”, ^ 1 error

what does this mean?

Has anyone got any idea if anyone is looking at the Hive bulbs? I’m about to get my hive installed and it comes with some bulbs included so would be awesome to add them into smartthings, otherwise ive got 2 “smart bulbs” that i will have to use a seperate app to control to everything else! :slight_smile:

@iBeech has been working on something. Watch this space…

Thanks to the efforts of @iBeech, we now have Hive Dimmable White and Hive Cool to Warm White bulb support. Great work!

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Wow awesome, thanks @Alyc100 and thanks @iBeech, even more looking forward to getting my hive now!!

hey man- you are welcome. Are you having any of the multi coloured lights? If so, it could be possible to work with you remotely to get the info I need to implement and test that device type.

Hey, no not at the moment unfortunately, just the standard active white ones (they are coming free with our boiler cover). I may get some coloured ones eventually, but not sure at the moment as i have no need for coloureds in the range they currently do.

Fair enough! If i ever get around to ordering the multi coloured lights and wall socket, i’ll code them up.