[DEPRECATED] Free Ecobee Suite, version 1.6.**

I have a helper app setup to turn off/on based on window sensors. Lately I noticed that it does not turn it back on and says “reservations prevent running on command”

Having some trouble with random disconnects. It will just stop talking to the ecobee api. No errors or anything. Sometimes resetting up my ecobee credentials fixes it. Sometimes I have to do this more than once to get it going again. Very annoying. I had a different handler before that would at least tell me when it disconnected.

The ecobee cloud service has been quite unreliable over the past many months. Many have been the times that the ecobee mobile app cannot connect.


Can this control other settings like screen brightness and timeouts?

Edit: Looks like Follow Me is listed as read/write (see https://www.ecobee.com/home/developer/api/documentation/v1/objects/Settings.shtml) but I don’t see the brightness (unless I missed it).

Nope - I haven’t implemented screen brightness or timeout control.

You do NOT have to re-login or re-authenticate when the link/server goes down. Just have patience…it will automatically reconnect when the Ecobee servers come back online.

You can check the bottom of the display and it will tell you the status of the link.

I stopped the nagging notifications back when the Contact Book was deprecated.

I also donb’t mark the link as fully Down unless I get an unrecoverable error (authentication failure). Server timeouts are normal - I just keep trying. Maybe I could add a “nuisance notice” if the recovereable errors persist for (a configurable) number of minutes, but it would have to be an SMS message…I refuse to do a ST notification because it hammers every user in the location.

Some other automation/helper has taken out a reservation that prohibits anyone else from making a change.

I probably should implement a “clear all reservations” function/button…

If you look in the IDE, My Locations > SmartApps (for your location) > then click on “Ecobee Suite Manager” (or whatever you named it), you will get a popup of the full status for the controller app…scroll down to the State section, then to reservations and you’ll see some JSON with your thermostat ID, and an APPID for each reservation that is being held. If you can figure out which Helper SmartApp is the culprit, usually opening and re-saving that app will cause it to clean up its reservations.

Looks like what happens when the Ecobee servers go down for an extended period of time. The code will generally recover, but if the outage is too long (multiple hours), you may have to re-authenticate again (even if Ecobee Suite Manager says that you are already connected - just login again anyway).

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That was exactly it, I just re-authenticated and I can now again access my Helper Apps!

I really appreciate the support you’ve provided given that Ecobee Suit is free! Thank you!


The Ecobee servers are down right now.

Hi - would it be possible to create way to set arbitrary Settings via webcore? There are a number of settings that I’d like to tweak (backlightOnIntensity and followMeComfort as mention upthread) as well as a few others. Rather than having to add each individually, would it make sense to add a custom capability like setSetting (key, val)? Thanks for considering it!

I will look into it, once I complete the Universal port effort that I have underway…


Backlog Transparency

Just so everyone knows, here’s the current backlog for my Ecobee Suite:

  1. Universal Port - single source images support both SmartThings and Hubitat (IN PROCESS - BETA Test available)
    • Including Native Notification, SMS and Speech support for Hubitat NEW!!!
  2. New “Working from Home” Helper app (resets program to Home if someone is home at a certain time) (IN PROCESS - BETA Test available)
  3. New “Thermal Comfort” Helper app (automatically adjusts setpoints based on temp & humidity) (IN PROCESS - BETA Test available)
  4. Allow programmatic changes of ‘any’ thermostat parameter. (IN PROCESS - BETA Test available)

The BETA Test mentioned above is available as described here: [BETA] Universal Ecobee Suite for SmartThings & Hubitat (Free)


Found it. Thank you

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with this, as well. I can connect with the Ecobee app but, the SmartThings integration is dead until I re-authorize again. Seems like it’s becoming a daily chore the last couple of weeks.

The ecobee servers have been going up and down a lot over the past few weeks. You can subscribe to be notified when there are problems here https://status.ecobee.com/.


This is the stuff that irritates the stuffing out of me.

Ecobee is a cloud system. They have our email addresses the moment we connect the thing.

Why can’t companies like this (btw, this applies to Smartthings too) be proactive, and let all their users know when their servers are malfunctioning?? Why do we, who are already subscribed to the service, have to subscribe again to get service alerts??

go to status.ecobee.com, and Register for Updates. Over the past week, I’ve been getting notices within minutes of an outage and again shortly after the problem is resolved.

Emailing every registered user would be inappropriate - email etiquette (and the laws in the EU) require that people must subscribe to such email notifications, otherwise it would be illegal spam email.


Did that ages ago. I already get the alerts.

Didn’t know about the EU position on this idea. Perhaps that could be mitigated by including it in the license agreement?

Nope. Requires a separate registration to demonstrate active intent. It can’t be hidden in the license (which we know nobody reads) as that would be passive, lacking evidence of intent by the user.