[DEPRECATED] Free Ecobee Suite, version 1.6.**

Just FYI for users of my Ecobee Suite: Ecobee is currently experiencing server problems in their cloud. If you are experiencing Timeouts or “Offline”, your SmartThings DTHs should recover once their servers stabilize.


I will be releasing an update AFTER Ecobee recovers to add more error-handling resiliency and a couple new features. I just don’t want to release these changes until I know for sure that Ecobee is back on-line.


Ecobee Suite updated on 30 Jan 2019 at 3:35pm EST

Updates include:

  • Ecobee Suite Manager v1.6.23
    • Added new setProgramSetpoints() support
    • Clean up of error handling/recovery code
  • Ecobee Suite Thermostat v1.6.21
    • Added new setProgramSetpoints() command
  • Ecobee Suite Open Contacts v.1.6.17
    • Minor text edit
  • Ecobee Suite Smart Mode v1.6.21
    • Now enables you to change the heat/cool setpoints for a specific Program along with/instead of changing the Mode. Use case: crank up the heat if the outside temperature drops into Arctic Freeze.

These updates are recommended, but not immediately manadatory, for all users.

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So, I’m new to your DTH, and first off I have to thank you for a thoroughly ‘followable’ set of installation instructions. Top Notch.

My question/desire: I would like to alter my SmartThings mode based on my ecobee3’s status. I’m partial to the way vacation mode is handled in the ecobee.

When we are packing/preparing for an extended absence, I have found it very useful to use the ecobee’s start/end vacation settings well in advance so I don’t forget to do it.

Is there a way to do this with your DTH that I have not yet found? A different/better way to handle it?

The Ecobee Suite Smart Mode/Routine/Program Helper SmartApp does exactly what you ask for. Just select to use the Ecobee Program, Vacation as the event, and then select to run your “Vacation” or “Away” SmartThings Routine (I have one named “Gone Fishin’” that makes all the vacation-specific changes in SmartThings.

Note that you can also use this helper to change/override the Ecobee programs when you come home early (for example). In this case, you specify the SmartThings Routine that runs when you come home (“I’m Back!”, for example), and have it change the thermostats’ Program to “Home” also…

It should be pretty self-explanatory, once you open Ecobee Suite Manager, select the Helper SmartApps flyout, then scroll down to create a “New Mode/Routine/Program Helper…”

Enjoy your vacation!

Son of a biscuit. I would have SWORN I looked there!

I think I just didn’t read all the way through (I was so excited after I fought with the smartapp not showing up [due entirely to an ad blocker on my device getting in the way of smartthings] that I didn’t read the options of that helper closely enough). THANK YOU!

One other question: What’s the ‘big play button’ to the right of the Suite Manager title do?

Forces all thermostats to re-sync/update their data from the Ecobee cloud servers…


Simply amazing work. Thank you for doing this. So much better than the standard Ecobee. Easy to install, clean interface, lots of data and options. Looking forward to see what comes next.

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Installed few months ago, want to echo @CT27’s praise, amazing smartapp. This truly opens up my already great ecobee thermostats. Thanks!

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I’m having a problem with hold type indefinite recently. Was there a change to the ecobee API or something?

No changes that I am aware of, although the Ecobee Cloud has been out intermittently until just a couple of days ago.

How are you setting your hold?

setThermostatProgram (away, indefinite) as a custom command from webCoRE.

Have you looked at the Live Logging for the thermostat device AND Ecobee Suite Manager when that command is executed?

If you’re actually specifying the string “away”, you should be getting a Warning message in the Thermostat’s log saying (with Debug Level 2 or higher):

setThermostatProgram(away) not found in ([Away, Home, Night])

The program name must be capitalized, as it is on your thermostat. “indefinite” is correctly capitalized.

Okay…nevermind. It’s working again. Must have been eccobee again. Thanks!

Thanks for the nice app!
can it change ecobee’s comfort setting based on presence?
for example: Lowering cooling comfort degree when kids are presented

Yes it can. Use Webcore to do that.


My Ecobee Suite includes several Helper SmartApps that can adjust the scheduled program, or even change the program’s setpoints, based on a variety of inputs and conditions (including Presence, SmartThings Modes and Routines, etc.).

And while you can choose to write automations using WebCoRE with the Ecobee Suite, this isn’t required for most things you might want to accomplish.

Ecobee Suite Smart Vents updated on Feb 26, 2019 at 11:10am EST

Now supports “generic” vents - you can select any device that supports the switchLevel command (dimmers).

thanks @storageanarchy and @Glen_King
could you point me to the helper SmartApps that can change the Ecobee program’s setpoints?
I want to achieve when some particular family member arrives, modify Ecobee’s existing “Home” and “Sleep” setting to make it more comfortable, when this member leaves, undo change to save energy.

Currently I’ve created another separate “Home/Sleep” for this family member in Smartthings and Ecobee and use webcore to determine which “Home/Sleep” based on this family member’s presence.
I know it’s stupid please let me know if there’s a more graceful way to achieve it:)


Sorry to say that nothing in my Suite currently handles that use case. It’s interesting, though - let me think about it for a bit, and maybe I will come up with something…

I also use Webcore for this. The house is warmer when my wife is home. I created a piston that will set that comfort setting if her phone (presence sensor) is home during the week during the day. It’s been working great for over a year. We have a couple special cases like this, but I handle them all in Webcore. We also warm up the house for an hour if we get back after the Sleep program has already taken effect.