[DEPRECATED] Free Ecobee Suite, version 1.6.**

Ecobee Suite Smart Mode updated to version 1.6.18 on 10 January 2019 at 12:15pm EST

  • Now uses the new getTwcConditions() (The Weather Company) instead of the deprecated getWeatherFeature() (Weather Underground) for external temp/dewpoint/humidity.

Important Notices:

  1. The current Weather Underground interface in SmartThings will stop working on or before Feb 15, 2019
  2. The new API (currently) does not provide a means to access a specific Personal Weather Station directly. If that is required, you should find a SmartThings Weather Station DTH that supports your weather station and use its sensors instead. There are numerous options:
  3. The new API appears to not support non-US postal codes. Users are advised to allow the API to use the geographic coordinates for your location get get the most precise/relevant data for your location.
    • Your geographic location must be defined in your Mobile App in order for this to work properly

This update is recommended for ALL Ecobee Suite Smart Mode users