[DEPRECATED] Free Ecobee Suite, Version 1.2.*

Try now…

I just updated with no problem :+1:

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I am noticing that the motion sensors report motion immediately.

They “hang around” for a half hour, no longer reporting motion because they are already in a state of reporting motion… but if they are in a non-motion state and detect motion, they report it right away.

Soooo… I want to make a virtual motion sensor that subscribes to the motion detected by the ecobee sensors. I’ve only subscribed to secondary device states in webcore and Sharptools. Is there a way to do it outside of webcore/Sharptools?

Perhaps I misunderstand, but I’m not sure why you want to create a virtual motion sensor to subscribe the the physical motion sensors…

The Ecobee Sensor DTH provided in my suite register themselves as a Motion Sensor (and a Temperature Sensor), which you can then use in any SmartApp or WebCore Piston as a regular motion device.

However, you must know that “immediately” is really “at the next poll of the Ecobee API once the thermostat reports the motion to the Ecobee cloud.” Even if you poll every minute, motion won’t be reported “immediately”, it could be a few seconds, or it could be 3 minutes later…but feel free to use them if you think they meet your needs!

Reason is that I want to add an icon for it on the Home screen of the mobile app, in my Favorites.
Right now the remote sensor is there, showing temperature.
I want it there, showing if there’s been motion.

A simulated device would allow that.

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Would this work for you?
[RELEASE] Universal Virtual Device Type and Translator

Apparently not in this instance, as (unless I’m mis-reading that thread) it does not use motion detection as a driver.

I don’t need to translate one thing to another.
I need only to display an existing attribute of this sensor that is ordinarily not displayed on the Favorites portion of the home screen.

That said, I can see where I might be using your universal DTH elsewhere. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, if you’d like, you could simply change your copy of the Sensor DTH I provide to show the Motion as the main icon instead of the Temperature.

Line 198 (current in v1.2.2):
main ('temperature') //, "temperatureDisplay",])

Change to:
main ('motion') //, "temperatureDisplay",])

I might do that.

EDIT: done. Will find out when I get home if it works.

Hi - sorry if this was already addressed in this thread, but I couldn’t find it in the list of features. Does this SmartApp allow for me to change the mode of the Ecobee instead of just setting a temperature through smartthings? I want to run the Home and Away modes based upon presence sensors in ST and the stock smartapp doesn’t do that.


Yes st mode change can change ecobee, great free dth he has here

Yes, exactly. There are provided Helper SmartApps that will allow you to change the thermostat program when the ST Mode changes, or when a specific Routine is run. You can also have the thermostat change the ST Mode or run a routine (for example, have the Ecobee’s Vacation mode change the ST Mode to ‘Vacation’) if you’d like.

I suggest you take the time to read the documentation here to see what else you can do: SmartThingsPublic/README.md at StorageAnarchy-Ecobee · SANdood/SmartThingsPublic · GitHub


@storageanarchy - the device handlers installed fine, but the smart apps are not. When I try to update from repo and publish I get the following:

Oh No! Something Went Wrong!
500: Internal Server Error
Reference Id
Thu Jan 11 12:54:28 UTC 2018

I had already removed all of the existing Ecobee (Connect) code (removed both the devices and the smart app) prior to trying to enable and update from the GitHub repo.

Additionally - both your DH and SA GitHub instruction say to add the same branch to my ST Repo. When I do this I have two of the exact same branches to update. Is this correct? Aren’t the SA and DH coming from the same branch? Or are they supposed to be different? Both the DH and SA instruction say to add this to the Repo:

Owner: SANdood
Name: SmartThingsPublic
Branch: StorageAnarchy-Ecobee

So the Device Handlers are installed, but the Smart Apps are not.

Any idea?


Something is wrong with your setup, I think - it worked fine for several users yesterday, and I haven’t changed anything in a while…

Did you add the branch to both My SmartApps and My Device Handlers? From the sounds of it, you didn’t add the branch to My SmartApps in your IDE.

(And yes, both are the same Branch).

@storageanarchy - can I name them something different so that they don’t look exactly the same? I literally have two different entries in the REPO for the exact same branch. How do I know which one is for the DH and which one is for the SA?

And I do have both of them added…and get the error when I try to add the SmartApps.

I suggest you remove them ALL, then re-enter them again.

If you do it correctly, you will have ONE entry like this: SmartThingsPublic (StorageAnarchy-Ecobee) in the Update from Repo drop down on your My SmartApps page in the IDE, and ONE entry like that on your My Devices page in the IDE.

There’s no reason you should be changing the names - I have set it up so that it is clear which repo is mine.

@storageanarchy - I think the problem is that the first one in your list of apps is giving me the error:


If I don’t select that one everything publishes correctly. So what is the purpose behind this SA?

@storageanarchy OK, now when I try to setup in ST I get the following error after entering my credentials:

“Device still in use. Remove any SmartApps or Dashboards, then try again”.

I am stuck on this screen and cannot go back…it keeps bringing me back to this screen.

I removed all existing EcoBee ccode (stock SA from ST) and made sure that no routines/smartapps were accessing the devices.

@storageanarchy - and now I am getting an error trying to remove it from ST. So I seem to be stuck after getting EcoBee and SmartThings to connect. I can’t proceed past the credentials screen due to the error above, and I can’t remove the SA because “An unexpected error occured”.

No devices have been added to ST yet, so nothing has been added to any routines or modes.

@storageanarchy - Wait! I now have two devices named “Ecobee Sensor: TestingForInstall” and “Ecobee Thermostat: TestingForInstall”.

Maybe I should wait longer? I have waited for ten minutes, and I have three sensors outside of the thermostat so I assume I would see three unique devices?

And will the “TestingForInstall” go away eventually?