[DEPRECATED] Free Ecobee Suite, Version 1.2.*

There is no ‘sleep()’ because I can’t override the Java/Groovy system call of the same name (my bad if I didn’t mention that).

Call asleep() or night() instead…

sure. better call asleep() or night()… wondering if it is token authentication expired issue… searched in the forum, say it could clear itself up automatically… will test again back home…

This make sense, thanks.

No, the authentication issue in this case is likely due to the repeated errors - it should eventually recover, or you can just log in to your Ecobee account again…

I have removed ecobee connect and re-installed to force authentication with Ecobee account.

here is more details for your debug

dc735112-a010-4bb8-aa27-3975a6870aad 1:47:46 PM: info LOG: setProgram(away) returned false
dc735112-a010-4bb8-aa27-3975a6870aad 1:47:46 PM: error LOG: sendJson() - HttpResponseException occurred. Exception info: groovyx.net.http.HttpResponseException: Internal Server Error StatusCode: 500
dc735112-a010-4bb8-aa27-3975a6870aad 1:47:45 PM: debug LOG: about to sendJson with jsonRequestBody ({“functions”:[{“type”:“setHold”,“params”:{“holdClimateRef”:“away”,“holdType”:“null”}}],“selection”:{“selectionType”:“thermostats”,“selectionMatch”:“311033165823”}}
dc735112-a010-4bb8-aa27-3975a6870aad 1:47:45 PM: debug LOG: setProgram() - climateRef = {away}

There is no reason to uninstall - just go back into Ecobee (Connect) and log in again. Just ignore that it says you are already connected…

Log in again, still see the issue there, do you want me to set log Level to 5 for more debug information?

Request Text issue??

dc735112-a010-4bb8-aa27-3975a6870aad 1:47:45 PM: debug LOG: about to sendJson with jsonRequestBody ({“functions”:[{“type”:“setHold”,“params”:{“holdClimateRef”:“away”,“holdType”:“null”}}],“selection”:{“selectionType”:“thermostats”,“selectionMatch”:“311033165823”}}

@storageanarchy hey Barry just curious about my deceive handlers being red

Yes, you need to click “Overwrite local version” to get the updated versions…

UPDATE: Ecobee Thermostat v1.2.16


  • Fixed yet another error that caused Program/Climate changes to fail, and invalid calls to the Ecobee API. This was a side effect of some of the debugging code I had added earlier today to track down an earlier problem. Program/Climate changes should be back to normal now…

Ok I’ve never done that, after posting I seen in update from repo conflicted area so I updated in that and it’s no longer red. Thanks

Ok, I’m trying to make this work now in webcore.
I set the thermostat to “Away and holding”.

The webcore script:
Motion Sensor’s motion is Active;
With Thermostat
Do Pan camera to the Home;

The log says
Received event [Motion Sensor].motion = active with a delay of 605ms
+183ms ║Runtime (38971 bytes) successfully initialized in 122ms (v0.2.0fe.20171109) (181ms)
+185ms ║╔Execution stage started
+592ms ║║Executed [Thermostat].home (387ms)
+595ms ║╚Execution stage complete. (411ms)
+608ms ╚Event processed successfully (607ms)

But the program on the Ecobee app, and on the thermostat itself, says “Away and holding”.

I saw the bit about logging so I turned that off entirely… still the ecobee program does not change.

Try this: On your ecobee thermostat is your ‘Hold Action’ in Settings>Prefererences set to ‘Until next activity’? If not change it and see if your ecobee changes this time with webcore.

Yes, it was already set to “until next activity”.

Some additional info: the device handler is ugly and ineffective. Pressing the ‘home’ button does nothing. In fact none of the buttons do anything. Yet Ecobee Connect says I’m connected…

Weird if i click on home at the very bottom of the device handler it changes my mode to home.

Also the webcore piston is working, it change from away with motion on x sensor and home with motion on y sensor.

Dont know what else it could be.

1.2.9 this is the version i have

It’s getting the events from the thermostat, it’s just not sending anything.

What does the Live Logging show for the the Thermostat device and for Ecobee (Connect) at the time of the WebCore request to run home()??

If the buttons don’t work in the Device Type Handler, then you may not have things installed correctly. Once you can change modes/programs using the DTH UI, THEN you should try WebCore - if the UI doesn’t work, there’s no way that WebCore is going to work…

Can you please provide a Screen Shot of your DTH UI, or at least the revision number as reported int he DTH Settings page?