[DEPRECATED] Ecobee DTH and Helper SmartApps

When you say “then nothing,” what do you mean? Smart Rooms doesn’t do anything until the door is left open/closed for the specified period of time. What is reported in Live Logging for the instance of Smart Rooms that you create?

Just updated this and for some reason my ecobee3 in smart things shows Fahrenheit while the sensors all show Celsius. Do I have to edit the code and enable the Fahrenheit to Celsius to get the ecobee3 to display Celsius? This is not something I had to do in the past.


No, you do not have to edit the code to switch the display to Celsius - both the thermostat and sensor devices pick up the F/C setting from your SmartThings hub location. Thus I cannot explain why you get different displays.

What version where you running in the past (the Version # is displayed in the device preferences page and at the top of the source file).

Another person had reported a problem with Celsius, but never provided me with any info on the problem. If you check in setup for Ecobee (Connect), what does the NOTE at the bottom of the Thermostats selection page say the temperature units is set to?

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I’m trying to use the motion sensor from the thermostat to detect motion in the morning so my “Good Morning!” automation will start running. My thermostat is located in the hallway straight across from my bedroom door. I know that it detects the motion because the screen changes and is says “occupied” in the ecobee app, but I don’t see any motion listed on the device handler event list. Does this feature work in Smartthings?

Should work, I’ll test when im back home.

From the good morning routine I was able to select ‘lilBee’ which is in the same room along with Bosch sensor. The Bosch sensor currently handles the good morning routine. Ill disable bosch sensor for ‘lilbee’ test.

Should work, ill test when im back home.

From the good morning routine

I was able to select ‘lilBee’ which is in the same room along with Bosch sensor. The Bosch sensor currently handles the good morning routine. Ill disable bosch sensor for tomorrow’s test.

I have the Lil bee in my basement and the thermostat upstairs. I want the actual thermostat to be able to trigger my good morning routine. I don’t always go in the basement for the Lil bee to detect motion in the morning.

I’m able to choose the main ecobee sensor as well. It’s listed label ‘EcoTherm: My ecobee’ . So it sounds like your sensors aren’t selectable?

Yes, I can select them. But in smartthings my event list for the thermostat is not showing any motion events so it is not triggering my good morning routine. In the ecobee app it shows as occupied so I know that it is detecting motion.

Indeed, motion will be reported by the DTH.

Unfortunately, the sensors operation may not fit well with your use case. It can take up to 15 minutes for the sensor to actually decide it has seen motion, and if the motion is momentary, it can decide not to accept it as motion at all. Once it does determine motion, it may delay sending that info to the Ecobee cloud, even though it displays. And then of course the SmartThings DTH won’t register motion until the next time it polls the cloud.

BTW, all this is because the Ecobee use case for the sensor is as an Occupancy sensor, not actually as a motion detector.

All that said, if the DTH reports/displays the Motion icon, then in fact the motion event was sent, and your Good Morning should have executed.

Let me know if the Motion icon is displayed but a motion event didn’t occur.


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I can detect motion on my main unit and on my sensors.

However, the bigger issue here is the polling time. By default, it’s set to 5 minutes. So, that means that 5 minutes AFTER the motion occurs, SmartThings gets notified. I assume this is why the standard DTH doesn’t expose motion events. In order to get motion working reliably, you’d want 10-30 second API pulls or even less than that (which is totally unrealistic).

Generally, you’ll see a message in recent activity stating that “API connection is full”. This is due to API limitations imposed by Ecobee. So, I personally would NOT recommend using your Ecobee or sensors as motion sensors until someone can find a way of polling the units locally and not needing to go through Ecobee.

Suggestion - enable displaying the thermostat as a separate sensor under Preferences for Ecobee (Connect), and use that EcoSensor instead of the EcoTherm device. There may be a difference (as is true with the Temperature).


I have zero motion events in my recently log. I do see the motion icon in the DTH. I went into the Ecobee (Connect) smart app and did not see any preferences in there. It just wants me to select my thermostat and my sensors, which i have already done.

Even polling locally, the occupancy=true event is not reported by the Ecobee itself until up to 15 minutes after motion is first detected, and then occupancy=false can be up to another 15 minutes later.

My DTH can handle a polling rate of 1 per minute, so it could be 16 minutes after motion started before it gets reported.


I saw that in your reply before mine. I was just getting ready to edit my response. LOL

In Ecobee (Connect), under Preferences tab, turn on “Include Thermostats as a separate Sensor”. Then, under Sensors, select the thermostat device as an additional sensor.

That should create another EcoSensor for the thermostat itself, showing only Temp and Occupancy (motion).


I do not see a preference tab. Are you doing this from the Smartthings App? When I go into the Ecobee (Connect) app, all it has is for me to select my thermostat and my sensor. What am I missing? I am using an android phone, would that make a difference?

Upload your screenshot it should look like this:

Preference third item (not sure if this shows differently in android)

Then once you do steps mentioned [DEPRECATED] The Best FREE Ecobee DTH and Helper SmartApps - Now with Ask Alexa Message Queue Support, and an Enhanced User Experience! your sensor will show up

Mine looks nothing like that. I’ll try to post pics in a bit.

Sounds like you are not using my customized DTH - perhaps you are using the stock version from SmartThings. See the first post of this thread to find installation instructions.