[DEPRECATED] Ecobee DTH and Helper SmartApps

Sorry for the slow response! There is no note with the temperature units or version number on the setup process of the connect app. Either that or I’m looking in the wrong place. This is where you select your main thermostat and sensors, yes?

That means that you are not running MY version of Ecobee (Connect) and/or Ecobee Thermostat. Please be sure that you have installed ALL of the components of my version (and ideally deleted all of the existing/current ones you are using). There are 2 device handlers and 8 SmartApps…



Hi Barry,

All of my smart apps and device types have your name and Github handle next to them, which I assume means they’re all yours. The API also shows that all of my smart apps are synced to the current version in the Github.

OK, but have you published them all?

The following should appear on the Thermostat Selection page of Ecobee (Connect):


The temperature units (F or C) is determined by your Location settings automatically. Please update your Hub settings (under My Locations) to change the units used.

The current value is (F or C).

If this doesn’t appear, then something is wrong – perhaps you have published to the wrong Shard?

Double-check the version number of Ecobee (Connect) – it should appear at the very bottom of the main setup page…can you tell me what that says. Please?



I had the correct DTH and SmartApps, the problem ended up being me manually changing the DTH from the IDE. That apparently messes with the whole setup.

Please note that version 1.2.0 has been released on August 5, 2017. Please visit this thread for more information:

@BARRY, is the Ecobee Connect project still being updated? I wanted to test the app with an Ecobee Lite. Thanks thanks.

Current thread is over here.

I’m having trouble setting this up. I’ve connected to ecobee via smartthings app but when i go to save it comes back error saving page(via android) and an unexpected error(via ios).
I’m in ireland and not sure if this could be an issue.
The live logging is showing this.
491d054e-515b-4745-b381-a39e96eac683 7:43:47 PM: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method format() on null object
491d054e-515b-4745-b381-a39e96eac683 7:37:30 PM: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method format() on null object
491d054e-515b-4745-b381-a39e96eac683 7:36:48 PM: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method format() on null object

Could you perhaps PM me the details of where in the installation steps this is happening, and for which smartapp or dth you are seeing these logged errors? The more details you can provide, the better.


Hi, I’m currently using your DTH and Ecobee(Connect) SmartApp. I also setup a Routine Handler SmartApp that is supposed to Resume Program when the Goodbye routine runs.
I am also using the Ecobee’s Smart Home/Away functionality.

If someone is home during a normally scheduled Ecobee Away period, then the Ecobee sets itself to Home because of Smart Home/Away. When that person leaves and the Goodbye routine runs, I would expect the Resume Program to set the mode to Away. However, the Ecobee stays in Home mode, and in the Notifications I see

“I was asked to Resume Program on EcoTherm: My ecobee, but there is no Hold currently active”

Am I using the Routine Handler correctly? Should I instead force Away instead of Resume Program?

Yes, I suggest you specify the program you want (Away). If the thermostat is already in a hold (of any sort), changing the program will first resume the scheduled program, and then set the newly requested hold (unless the resume gets you back to the requested hold).

Hopefully that makes sense…

Hi Barry, so I had setup a Smart Circulation App, went into and changed the min and max circulation time to 55 min. It gave an error when I attempted to save. After that it give me a something’s wrong within Smartthings when trying to access the app. Only option is to retry which doesn’t do anything. However that Smart Circulation setting is now continually being used… Is there another way to delete it other than in the app? Using Android Smartthings App, and Ecobee Connect version 1.2.12

Hmm…yopu might try using a max of 55 and a min of 54.

But if you delete the Circulation Helper app, you can reset the circulation time at the thermostat (or via the Ecobee app/web site).

When you say "The first step is to ensure that you delete any existing Ecobee related devices and SmartApps that you may have from other sources. " Does the actual Ecobee association with ST need to be deleted or can I just change the Original DTH to the New DTH.

If you are using the SmartThings-supplied version, unfortunately you will have to completely remove the devices and the Ecobee (Connect) smartapp before installing my Suite.

The ST version Ecobee (Connect) does not work with the version of the DTH in my Suite.

Note that also you will need to install ALL of the SmartApps and both DTHs provided in my Suite in your IDE for this to work.


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Barry, how do I delete it easily? I can’t delete it in the app.


Barry, i’m using your version of ecobee, but I can’t delete the bad circulation instance as something is corrupted as I cant access it in the smartthings app. Do I need to start over and delete everything or can i delete just the smart circulation app only?


First, thank you for writing this app – it looks like what I need!

My goal is to use auto circulate to run the blower motor on the furnace if the temp differential exceeds 4 degrees. Once the temp differential drops below 3 degrees, I want to stop running the blower motor.

To test I am using a threshold of 2.5 degrees to start the blower motor. The delta right now is at least 5 degrees.

I don’t think it is working as expected. Here are my settings:

  1. All sensors are included (4 total)
  2. Temp delta = 2.5 degrees (I assume this is “F” since my thermostat is set to “F”, not “C”)
  3. Min fan time = 0
  4. Max fan time = 55
  5. Mins per adjustment = 20
  6. Time adjustment freq = 5
  7. Only when mode is heat, auto or cool
  8. Only when thermostat program is (I chose my 3 daytime settings)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I am new to this stuff - is there an easy way for me to access diagnostic logs?


If you created it using the app (the only way you SHOULD create instances of the helper apps), you should be able to delete it from the app.

If not, try from the IDE. Select Locations from the main IDE screen, then SmartApps from the table. From there, Click Edit, and scroll down to delete the helper smartApp.