[DEPRECATED] EchoSistant Version 4.0 ~ Evolved

It should all be here:

This was found in the Wiki under Latest Software Versions.

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Thanks for that. Now one more thing I can’t see all of one Type to enter it is called LIST_OF_SYSTEM_CO…

Is that list of system commands?

Nevermind. Found it. List of System Controls. Sorry for all the questions.


It’s ny nougat jeboard Tmo pushed it through and my fingers land on the wrong keys, ir is the trink, i cannot really tell.


I’ll update that section of the wiki tonight to be more clear. Sorry for the confusion.

In the “Test” tab I received an error. I do have my arn entered I just blacked it out.

Before we dig further, do you have a message sent to a Profile so you can repeat it?

I’m going to change that message… It was a coincidence that it was on that picture…

Just type anything you want in there…

This is a test of the speaker system

Oh, based on the errir, I think you don’t have the interaction model fully set up for the Main Intent. Can you take a shot on the interaction model tab?

I didn’t set up the profile yet. Would that be it? I didn’t see it say to go and do that yet.

Here’s the screenshot of the interaction model. I also don’t have a speaker that I would be using with EchoSistant yet.

I’m not seeing anything wrong there. you definitely need to set up a profile first… the app has to have something to talk to.

Ok, no problem, we blame it on Jason for picking a bad example to test…lol. your model looks good, with one exception. Please delete the List of Profiles. And then test again with turn the < device name > on or tell me about a < device name > . Or better yet, try how many lights are on?

definitely my fault


I got the following after deleting the LIST_OF_PROFILES and using how many lights are on?

You guys had me for a minute…
I kept erroring out in the app when trying to generate my list of devices.

Then I remembered from Ask Alexa to only add a device ONE time, regardless of the many different capabilities it has.

Not the case with EchoSistant. It should give you a list of unique devicw names to paste in your interaction model. You can actually pick a device in multiple groups. In some cases it is actually recommended to do it. But we get there after you are up and running and comfortable with the app… lol

I’d like to see that, if you can post some logs. That might be a bug…

Ok, something is not working right. Can you get to live logging in ide and test again? Then share the ST logs. Not sure what the problem is, at this point.

11:50:09 PM: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'value' on null object @ line 3682

I’m trying to see if I can narrow it down to a specific device.
Right now, I’m leaning towards the Roomba.

EDIT: Not the Roomba. Didn’t like Kodi (FireTV) being set up as a Media Controller. Took it no problem as a Media Player Type Device.

Not your device, it’s my bug :slight_smile: Please update to Version:4.0 R.0.0.2a , which I just pushed…Thanks for the log!