[DEPRECATED] EchoSistant Version 4.0 ~ Evolved

That’s great that your bulbs are changing color… They are supposed to, lol

In your living room profile, make sure you selected good color lights in the color lights section of the profile.


this question is not directly related to Echosistant, but since it is involved and now I am trying to upgrade to new version, I thought it would be worth to ask here;
I received an email from Amazon Web services saying my Free AWS period is expiring. Now shall I have to pay for AWS services to continue using Echosistant or other apps like Ask Alexa (custom skills) ?
If yes, is there any possibility to maintain the code on my own web server instead of AWS ?


I wouldn’t be too concerned, I’ve never actually known anyone that has actually been charged. I’ve had my account over a year, and I use it a lot, and have never been charged.

My understanding is that you have to exceed one million lambda request per month, 750 computing hours per month…

Read more about it here.


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thanks. I’ll trust that then…
but in any case I would be more comfortable to save it on my own server.
would that be possible ?

I don’t believe so, but I am not 100% positive of the answer.

My question is not unique to EchoSistent, but definitely related. So, just a little OT. To update from the github integration, both the parent and child(ren) apps show in the “obsolete” category. I just select them both. So far, so good.

But, the child app is not supposed to be published. So do I check the github “publish” button (next to “Execute”)? If not, does that mess up the parent app being properly published? If I do, does that mistakenly publish the child app?

There is no Rule NOT to publish both Apps, is more like a myth. I always publish both. The rule is, NOT to install the child, but I have tried that and nothing bad happened. So you are ok, just publish both

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Another Update related to EchoSistant Messaging …

This time is for the Main EchoSistant app.

You can now say:

Alexa ask Home what messages are for Bedroom
Alexa are there any messages for bedroom IN my Home


Alexa tell Home to delete the messages for Bedroom
Alexa tell Home to delete Bedroom messages

Due to the complexity of the Main Skill structure, to enable this functionality update to Custom Slots and Utterance Sample is required, along with Version:4.0 R.0.2.10 for the Main App.

Have a great weekend!

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Is it possible to send a push notification without sending a text? I can’t seem to get a push notification without enabling text messaging.

Great job by the way.

I’ve duplicated this… It’s s bug. We will get it fixed asap and push an update.

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Wow, quick response. Thanks. Just as an FYI, the Ubi app does a good job of triggering EchoSistant profiles while away from home. Now I can send voice messages while out on the road.


I am using Logitech ZeroTouch… equally great for Alexa on the road, in the car

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Thank you @ErnieG for bringing this to our attention.

This update is for the ‘Messaging and Control Profile Module’.

Bug Fix: Could not send just a Push Message
Status: Fixed

To properly implement the sending of Push messages the user MUST select a speaker in the profile. If you do NOT want sound coming from the speaker, simply mute the speaker in the profile settings.

Please update your Profile Module to:
3/10/2017 Version:4.0 R.0.1.3

Thank you,
Jason and Bobby

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Works now, thanks. One more small issue though. If you chose to add text before message it does not show up in the notification. However, if you chose to add play message before spoken message, this text will show up in the notification. No need to rush this please. Easy workaround.

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Ok… Thanks… update again… that is fixed.

You must choose either a speaker or SMS to send a Push message.

if you input a message into the “Append this text before the text message” it will be added to the beginning of the push message.

Does this fix require an update? I don’t see any updates in github.

It should be there now. Sorry, it didn’t upload


Dude, no need for apologies. You guys do amazing work and are always extremely helpful and patient. Thanks for that. Btw, push notifications working great now.


Thanks, we appreciate that y’all like our app…

Glad it’s working now.

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Update for Notifications Add-on. You can now run the actions of a Messaging and Control Profile when the Notification Event happens…

Please update Notification add-on to R.0.2.3

Update was inspired by this discussion:

Example: Turn Lights to Red when Tornado Warning is issued and announce on Sonos that warning is in effect and when expires…