[DEPRECATED] EchoSistant Version 4.0 ~ Evolved

@SBDOBRESCU thanks for expanding on my answer more clearly… Lol I just woke up.

Also, in EchoSistant you can choose a device many times in many places for many options… It’s ok to have duplicate selections, and actually it’s encouraged!

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I have found this works best to use a profile…

If you want it to play on the living room speaker, than you say, Alexa tell the living room to set a reminder.

Or whatever profile you want. Make sense?

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just to add… set a reminder must be followed by the reminder content…

Alexa tell Profile to set a reminder to take the the trash out
Alexa then asks for how long
Acceptable answer is x minutes, x hours or x days

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[quote=“SBDOBRESCU, post:610, topic:78309”]
my garage door opened while watching an Echo commercial on You tube. The guy said Alexa open the garage door and mine went up…[/quote]I’ve seen that, too. But recently a very clear tv commercial is not triggering her. I wonder if there may be some override or special recognition built in to prevent it now?


i got it to work!! only thing i think its the T2 giving me grief!.. i connected to my Denon Reciever(which got discovered by the Media Renderer too along with my Samsung Tv)…

the T2 seems finicky and seems to work when it wants to work…

on 3 attempts, my denon receiver provided my output 3 times while the T2 only gave me 2 outputs!

happy to know i am not crazy… on to Security


As @MichaelS said : "I would recommend any user of Ask Alexa (or any other skill based apps) take a look at their billing. "… This issue was brought up by a user who has installed both Ask Alexa and EchoSistant…


Probably, but what i noticed is, that while the TV may not wake Alexa up, is definitely interfering (read more sensitive) with the interaction between a person and Alexa. It also happened to me that I was trying to turn the light off and Alexa overheard a word on TV, which caused my command to be missed.

@Toy4Rick & @macombweare … A sample of how reminders work…Also I added the “no, thanks” and “no thank you” to cancellation responses for a Profile…


Checked mine, it is zero!!!

Bug Fix… Small bug fix to correct a scheduling issue on Main EchoSistant app. Current version… R.0.2.9

Question regarding custom groups in profiles. It seems since you can only control switches you will be limited to on/off bright/dim color.

What about open/close.

Just want to say “Alexa, open the curtains in my bedroom”

Great catch on that! Give me a few days and I’ll get other devices added.

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OK so I have echosistant up and running great. I’ve been able to set my delayed routines, ask if the garage door is open or closed and close or open it verbally without awkward workarounds. I’ll begin more testing in my home but one thing I’ve had trouble with since I began my home automation addiction is changing the color verbally. My case use is this…almost all my lights are hue but I’d like my 3 br30 hue lights and 2 corner lamps all within my livingroom and I want to use alexa. Me: alexa tell “home” to turn "livingroom " blue? …I have made skills within aws for my bathroom, livingroom, bedroom and kitchen. I just don’t know what to say or how to activate a basic colors change.

Hi Cody,
Choose the color bulbs in the color bulbs section in the profile.

Then say,

Alexa, set the color to xxxx in the living room.

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Nice! Glad is working great for you…try Alexa set Livingroom to blue (assuming you have a bulb named Livingroom). If you have a Profile named Livingroom that has a group of colored bulbs, you can say, Alexa set the color to blue IN the Livingroom…Give those a try and let us know…

sorry I must have missed something but in the latest groovy code for Version:4.0 R.0.2.9 there’s a big reminder at the top to Update line 38 …

however I’m not really sure what I should be doing with Line 38 …??

Please ignore… That is internal use only, for Jason and I to remember to update the current Release number, so we can see from the logs, which version is being used when logs are submitted …

phew thanks !!! Been trying to keep up to date with this thread but thought I hadn’t been paying attention !

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Based on popular demand, we have made some enhancements to the message recording process.

As you may know, EchoSistant allows you to record a free text message that can be later retrieved from any of your Alexa enabled devices. The commands are simple, just say:

Alexa tell < Profile Name > to record a message, followed by the message you want to record. For example:

Me: Alexa, tell Bedroom to record a message: I will be home before 7.
Alexa: ok message recorded

later, you or someone else could retrieve the message by asking Alexa to play the message. For example:

Me: Alexa, ask Bedroom to play the message
Alexa: your last message was: I will be home before 7.

Today’s Update improves the Messaging Process by adding two additional messaging slots and a few new phrases for more natural verbal interaction with Alexa.

You can now use record a message or leave a message (E.G. Alexa leave a message in the Bedroom)
You can ask Alexa how many messages do you have or what messages do you have (Alexa ask Bedroom what messages do I have)
You can also say delete one or more messages or all messages (Alexa delete message 1, 2 or 3 OR delete messages or delete all messages, which ever you want)

As always, thank you for your feedback! The more you ask for features the better EchoSistant becomes!


Jason & Bobby

PS Update Version:4.0 R.0.1.2 - Improved Messaging recording and playback - is live :slight_smile: No other updates needed …

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OK I can say alexa set the color to blue in the bathroom. It works, I have a profile bathroom and have configured it properly. I cannot do the same with my livingroom profile. Is this because I have to many devises with the name livingroom in it ie…livingroom tall lamp, livingroom short lamp, and many more.