[DEPRECATED] EchoSistant Version 4.0 ~ Evolved

You’re welcome… It has definitely become a passion for the two of us, we really enjoy it.

Make sure you update your custom slots with any and all changes… that is unfortunately something we have not been able to work around just yet.

Can I get some advice on the proper way to cancel Alexa? When she says, is the anything else or several other variations, there doesn’t seem to be anything I can say to get her to cancel, including cancel. I usually just end up waiting for her to time out.

Unfortunately, things from the TV have triggered her again or if my wife and I start talking she keeps going

Any progress on being able to just say No, No Thanks, No Thank You…?

Thanks, Rick

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Sorry to spoil it for you, but unless you are saying Alexa tell Home to run < Profile Name > Profile, updating the List of Devices will not improve your Messaging and Control Profile experience.

The M&C Profiles have their own engine, independent of the Main app. The Messaging part requires a selection of a remote speaker, messaging settings (audio and text) and actions when profile runs. The Control part requires selection of devices in individual groups.

To activate the Messaging part you say to Echo to tell Profile something and you would hear that something on the remote speaker, along with any actions you may have set (flashing lights, setting colors, turning off switches, etc)

To activate the control part you have to say to Echo to tell Profile to do something with a group. Like turn the lights off, dim the lights, turn the TV on, etc.(lights, fans, vents, TV are predefined groups, but you can create up to 5 custom groups).

The reminders is part of the Control. Tell Profile Name to set a reminder to do something. …

Hope this helps a little.

No, cancel, stop should all work.

Hmmm, I can’t get any of them to work



You may have to say it louder… I’ve noticed that lately Alexa acts deaf when you tell her no… I’ve had to say it louder.

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From the Main prifile all these work. From the Profile, I’ll add the no, thank you and no, thanks tomorrow morning. Meanwhile no, stop, cancel, zip it, shut up, quit it should work fine…I have added those by just listening to my wife interacting with Alexa …


Like @bamarayne said, your voice needs to be louder, clearer, closer than that of a TV or another person in the room talking. I noticed that voice detection on cancellation commands is not the same as the voice detection of initial wake up. Alexa hears better when you invoke its name, but not as fine turned when it comes to commands. Actually it has happened to me that my garage door opened while watching an Echo commercial on You tube. The guy said Alexa open the garage door and mine went up…

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lol… i may have killed my Echo Dot…its now not responding… just circling blue light after asking a question then turns off…

Not you… I’ve got the same problem… It’s the service. Mine are doing the same thing

lol…whew!..i thought i fried it and my wife is blaming me for all the Echosistant testing i was doing… she thought it got overwhelmed…

Oh no… Not at all. Not sure what’s up right now… Probably another employee error lol

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im getting somewhere now!

from this

to now this

and this was a matter of removing a “space” between Dining Room.!!! and im missing 500 strands of hair…

now if i can just figure out how to output things to the speaker…

im also able to replicate this too now…

i just do not have output to the speaker…

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@bamarayne thanks for the additional guide for setting up rooms. It’s really useful. One question though - if setting up a room e.g. Kitchen, and adding something such as kitchen light, should the kitchen light be only added to the room profile devices or to the main home control devices too?

All devices must be added to the main control lists.

From the wiki update yesterday (very cool BTW), I saw the section regarding a virtual presence sensor and before delving in I want to know that I am on the right track to accomplish the goal of ‘checking in the babysitter’

My goal would be to say “Alexa, check in [babysitter name]” to prevent the house from going away if everyone leaves and to run a bunch of other automations such as preventing lights from gong off and activating door chimes or sounds when doors to the outside are opened.


  1. Do I need to create a VP Device for the baby sitter?
  2. Can I just create my a profile and then the requisite profile skill and then create whole house automations? In other words, I would never use the profile to do anything other than “Alexa, check in/out [babysitter].” But when I issue the command the house would essentially flip into babysitter mode whereupon a bunch of things would happen.

Well, from what you’ve said this is what I would do.

I would create the VP baby sitter. Then you can check her in when she arrives. Make sure you add that device to your automations so as to not trigger the away mode when every one else leaves.

If you want the house to behave certain ways when the sitter is there, you can create rules that when she is only one present, set the house to baby sitter mode.

Once you create the device, you can use it in any automation you want. You just check her in and out manually.

Edit… And I read what you wrote again…

No, you do not have to create the VP device. Yes, you can create a profile that just changes the mode to baby sitter mode.

But, I think you would find it more flexible to have the VP device and use that in the automations.

Btw, you’ve given me some ideas for expanding that feature.

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@Townsmcp while this is true, that individual devices must be added to the Main, it is only required if you want the Main to control that individual device. A Profile ONLY controls a group, and individual devices within that group don’t need to be added to the Main, in order to control that particular group.

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But you have a phone, so you can get text messages when the reminder is due…