[DEPRECATED] EchoSistant Version 4.0 ~ Evolved

@JDogg016 Dogg016 check those intents

Nevermind…just saw the pic

What do you mean? Is this on me or is this an Alexa issue?

Try using a shorter name. I honestly think that there are just too many syllables there for the native Alexa.

It is on you…See the example above, I was able to get Alexa to respond on Jonathan’s Bedroom. Just check the spelling. And anotjer tjing to consider, if you have a device authorized with Alexa directly that has an identical name, you might want to consider changing it a little. Devices authorized via a Smart Home Skill (Alexa Native integration) have priority, so they will go first the the home skill, then custom skill…

Ok… let me play with it. Question: Does the same hole true with two profiles (ie. Jonathans bathroom and Jonathans Room)?

Don’t think so…I have Gabriel’s Light auth in Alexa Native, Gabriel’s Room as temp sensor (device in the Main Skill) and Gabriel’s Room (Profile) thus I can use ‘turn the lights off in Gabriel’s Room’ and never had a problem…Oh Gabriel’s Room is sharing the skill with a Gabriel Profile. If I made your head spin, I can elaborate :smile:

Ok… so maybe I have a speech impediment. If I go into AWS and run the simulator it works (I should have started with that).

> aca4653a-b009-4153-8ab7-3fb107c261c6  7:58:43 PM: debug Begining Process data: (event) = 'noAction', (ver) = '4.0', (date) = '2/17/2017', (release) = '4.0.00'; data sent: pContinue = 'false', pShort = 'false', pPendingAns = 'false', versionSTtxt = '4.0', outputTxt = 'null' ; other data: pContCmdsR = 'null', pinTry'=null'
> aca4653a-b009-4153-8ab7-3fb107c261c6  7:58:43 PM: debug Launch Data: (event) = 'noAction', (ver) = '4.0', (date) = '2/17/2017', (release) = '4.0.00'

> aca4653a-b009-4153-8ab7-3fb107c261c6  7:58:43 PM: debug ^^^^____LAUNCH REQUEST___^^^^
> aca4653a-b009-4153-8ab7-3fb107c261c6  7:58:37 PM: debug Found a profile: 'JonathansBedroom'

Yet when I say Alexa, “Jonathans bedroom” I just get a dong and no “how may I help you”


Neh, most likely Alexa has an ADD problem…

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This would indicate an invocation problem then… with that in mind I changed the invocation to johnny… and gong (bad).

Going to start these from scratch tomorrow.

Is it a problem with different profiles controlling the same exact switches.


control the exact same lights?

Keep in mind one thing, if you only want direct control of a Profile all you need is profile name in ST to match intent. So you can set Jonathans Bathroom as invocation and john as intent and profile. You can still say Alexa turn on lights in Jonathan’s bathroom (intent) but Amazon sends john to ST, which is easier for ST to match. You cannot use this method IF you want to control the Profile from the Main skill. Because you have to say tell Main to run John…

Thinking along those lines… is it possible to create 1 profile in the ST App, then create 3 Alexa Skills with differing invocations to match the profile?

Profile JR --> controls Jonathan’s Room

Alexa Skills

Invocation - Johns Room Profile JR
Invocation - Jonathans Bedroom Profile JR

Yes, I do that now. I have Gabriel invocation for sending messages. Alexa tell Gabriel… and Gabriel’s Room for device control. They both share Gabriel profile and intent.

Life couldn’t be easier!

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No, not even the different groups within the same Profile have ANY problems using the same devices.


With the questions and feedback of our users we are determined to bring you the best possible experience that we can when you use EchoSistant, and because of you we are working daily to bring EchoSistant to full maturity.

This update brings you expanded feedback capabilities for contact sensors on your doors and windows.

you can also start the color loop from the profile. Alexa, start color lo in the living room

To perform this update successfully you must:

  1. Update the EchoSistant Parent App
  2. Update the LIST_OF_COMMANDS in the custom slots of the MAIN INTENT SKILL

Do you want to know exactly what doors, windows, or both are open or closed at any time? Well, now it’s really easy to find out. Just ask EchoSistant! :joy:

Alexa, ask home what doors are open.
She will respond… (if you have 2 doors open)
“The following doors are open, Garage door, Front Door”

Alexa, ask home how many doors are open.
She will respond…
"There are 2 doors open, would you like to know which ones?
Then just say yes or no, and she will tell you.

You can ask which doors are OPEN or which doors are CLOSED.
You can also ask about your windows in the same manner.

Now, let’s say you want to know what windows AND doors are open…

Just ask this…

Alexa, ask home what’s open?

I’ll let this response be surprise!!!

… and don’t forget… you can still ask about individual devices as well…

Alexa, ask home is the garage door open?

The small print…
There is a change to the UI with this update.
You will now choose contact sensors that are on your doors only. (include the garage door here too)
You will now choose contact sensors that are on your windows only.
You will now choose contact sensors that are NOT doors or windows.

Please see the wiki for a list of tested commands


The disclaimer:
Commands and phrases may not work the same for every one. Depending upon accent, country, and things like how many drinks you might have in you already, Alexa will hear us all differently. So, try different things and see what works for you. If you find something that works that is NOT listed in the Wiki… Let us know.

Jason and Bobby

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Amazon AWS is reporting wide spread server issues. EchoSistant may not work…

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and now my hub is offline… total shutdown of the internet!!!


There are reports that the outage is over. I am still without my assistant. Almost forgot how to use my remote to turn on the TV. And certainly my kids were not happy to hear that 'there are issues accessing your skill"…