[DEPRECATED] EchoSistant Version 4.0 ~ Evolved

Hi Rick…
You got the utterance part right.
But in the intent you changed the wrong part.
In the picture below, see the name JUSTIN. that is where you will put DIRTROOM

Yep sorry, my bad


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Dang it!!

What do you make of this error, "I wish I could help, but EchoSistant couldn’t find a Profile named HomeBrew (yes I changed the name as I play) or the command may not be supported, would you like to try again? ",

well, what is HomeBrew and what does it do?

Are there devices selected to turn on and off?
Are there speakers you are wanting to send a message to?


I assume in your example Hall Bath is a speaker, which I don’t have so Home Brew is just a name in my case, no different than Dirt Room, my only speaker at this point is my Echo Station.

My thought was this, once done, I could ask Alexa if the Dirt Room door is open or if the dirt room light is on.

At this point in the Wiki, I don’t recall it creating different speakers or groups of devices other than the original device list created earlier with the main intent

Guess I am still lost

When you set up your profile you need to select the devices you want to interact with via that profile.

if you selected devices for feedback in the main app, then you would use the main intent…

Alexa, ask home is the back door open?

OK, I’m back to an earlier question

Since Alexa has already discovered all my ST device switches, how do I know if EchoSistant is turning on a light or Alexa is directly through the ST integration

I can say the following and both work
Alexa, turn on/off TV Light
Alexa, ask Home to turn on/off TV Light


The first one responds ok

the second, ok, turning the tv lighr on/off, anything else?

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Nope, she responds the same to both… OK

Nothing more

PS: All I have setup to this point is the Main Intent.

Did you populate the list of devices?

Are you referring to in the Main Intent? Yes


Hello Everyone… I have a little use case for you that I think you’ll be interested in.

As you already know, the control profile has 3 custom groups available. I am currently testing the addition of two more custom groups for a total of 5.

Create a profile. Call it whatever you want.
When you create the Skill, make the invocation “My Room” (This is for my bedroom)
in the profile select all of the lights in the room.
Then tap on the custom groups…

Group names with corresponding devices:

  • Group 1 - Jason’s Light
  • Group 2 - Wendi’s Light
  • Group 3 - Bed Fans
  • Group 4 - Bed Lights
  • Group 5 - Vanity

Alexa, Tell turn on/off in “My Room”

You can create an individual room profile for every room of your house and control the devices in just that room.

Coming soon… probably tomorrow… an update with up to 5 custom groups.

So I have a funky one… I’ve created two profiles

  1. JonathansBedroom
  2. Johns Bedoom

I know they are setup correct as I’ve double checked several times. Whenever I say “Alexa, turn on the lights in Jonathans Bedroom” or “Alexa, turn on the lights in Johns Bedroom” the response I get is "Sorry I couldn’t find a device named lets Jonathans Bedroom _ in Justin’s account"_

I don’t know why that is. Every other profile i created works great. Just not this one. Problem is, Alexa isn’t even initiating the profile to create any kind of smart things log.

Alexa doesn’t realize you are using the connector in…Practice a short pause and an emphasis on IN Johns Bedroom… OR … Say …Alexa: Johns Bedroom …pause, listen to: “how may I help you,” then just say “lights on/of”…(no turn on needed)…

So when I say “Johns Bedroom” the response is, “Sorry I couldn’t find a device or group named Johns Bedroom…”

If I say “Alexa Jonathans Bedroom” I receive a tone… but no “how may I help you”

Do you have any other two word Profiles that you’ve been able to control?

Yes “Jonathans Bathroom”

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Make sure you copied the ARN correctly to the skills.

Also, make sure your profile names are EXACTLY the same as the skill intent and utterance. Spelling, punctuation, all of it.

No problems here, sorry …