[DEPRECATED] EchoSistant Version 4.0 ~ Evolved

True, but Google Home understood me better and also not having to always say my location to get context aware information was a plus. I just wish I could trigger them with “Jarvis” :joy:

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Speaking of weather alerts, can you do this with your GH?

“Alexa do you have a weather update? Alexa: yes, the chance of rain changed to 80% at 4:40 PM”

Alexa via EchoSistant will be able to say that…very soon :slight_smile:

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They really need a Drool emoticon cause that’s drool worthy for me anyway.

Haven’t stayed up to date with Alexa in a while, but do the dots or echo have the ability to play music across multiple devices as well as not answer on multiple devices when you are talking to them from a location that can activate 2 or 3 at the same time?

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Not yet…

Yes, and is working very well, I have an Echo and a Dot pretty close to each other. You see the ring glowing, but only the closest device reacts…

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I think I’ll switch back once music can be played across multiple devices as well. Pretty much my entire family uses it and I am pretty sure FAF will go down the drain if I take that away.


Introducing a new feature: Virtual Person Presence (brought to you by user request)

You can now create a Virtual Presence Sensor from within an EchoSistant Profile. You can use this for your family members that do not have presence sensors or phones, but you still want automations for them.

Create your Virtual Person for Little Timmy and when he gets home from school, he can tell your home, Alexa, tell home to check in Little Timmy.

Use the Virtual Device in your CoRE and other automations to control what you want.

Please see the EchoSistant Wiki here for full instructions:


For a successful update you must do this:

  • Update the Parent App
  • Update the Messaging and Control Child App
  • Install the Virtual Presence device type handler in the IDE
  • Update the Amazon AWS custom slots

Thank you for the quick reply, I figured out the issue with the Harmony activities as I had to start the activity for Echosistant to save the state initially. As for the lights am I able to say “turn on accent light in the kitchen” and just have the accent light come on or is it only capable of doing everything that is a part of the profile? The logs are printed below.

Glad you figured the activities. Actually, the rule is to turn off an activity with EchoSistant in order to turn on the same activity next time…(works the same in both, the Main app and Profiles)

As for accent light, the Profile is unaware of your list of devices. It only knows groups. You may try to create a custom group on and call it accent light. I did that with my bedroom tv outlet and is working well…

For future ref… This is the EchoSistant log. The Profile has its own, with what actions it took based on your message…

Thank you, you learn something new every day.

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Love this, working nicely.

Does anyone have good naming conventions for commanding the Heating?

Alexa, turn on the heating in my house.
Alexa, increase the heating in my house.

That possible if the thermostat is named Heating?

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EchoSistant is all about location of your things in your home… if you only have one t-stat I might call it ‘here’ … Alexa, tell home is too cold in ‘here’ ( not a tested phrase, it may require fine tuning - feedback needed)

If you have two, like I do, upstairs/downstairs work well… Alexa tell home is too cold upstairs/downstairs…

If tou have more than 2, than name them based on the room…bedroom/dining room, etc

is this what you were asking?

Glad you enjoy it! Let us know how to make it better. What needs fine tuning…what phrases don’t work consistently. The more feedback we get, the better EchoSistant will work for everyone

Yes, I like the here idea.

Hopefully saying “it’s too cold in here” would turn on my thermostat.

I’ll give that a try, thanks

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Let me know how it goes…And don’t forget to update your LIST OF DEVICES custom slot, after renaming or adding a new device…

Ok… i’m must be missing it. I’m trying to figure out the difference between EchoSistant and Ask Alexa ? I’ve set up and been using Ask Alexa for awhile, are there things that I get w/ EchoSistant that I don’t get Ask Alexa?

I’m really having a hard time understanding the different use cases between the two.

Well the main difference is that Ask Alexa doesn’t have the option for free text messaging (yet)…Other than that…the bottom line is… that just as Ask Alexa was to AskHome, (a friendlier way of interacting with Alexa), EchoSistant is friendlier than Ask Alexa; there are no macros to build and no standard phrases to learn how to speak to Alexa.

Check this thread for some good points…

Thanks… I’ll read that thread. I’m thinking of setting up EchoSistant, but i don’t want to maintain 2 custom alexa skills, it is a lot of effort. I might set up it and try the free text messaging, and see how well that works.

I was there was a video of that, and what it can and can’t do.

It can send a message to a Sonos right? But it can’t trigger a different Echo to play the message, you would have ask the other Echo if there are messages correct?

I would really like 2 way intercoms with Echos, it would be nice.

Yes a video is coming… I’ve been crazy busy… I promise it’s on the way

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Yes, one way Echo to Sonos instant (or let’s say as instant as the two clouds permit Amazon & SmarThings)

Yes, Echo to Echo via play back

We all are waiting for Amazon to enable 2 way Echo to Echo, but none of us have an ETA for when that happens…

And that is the main reason we have redesigned EchoSistant with v4. It is a hassle to maintain one skill, as it is. But we were very concerned of duplicating efforts, so our goal was, if we cannot make an Ask Alexa feature friendlier, we won’t be supporting it. It is unfortunate to have two apps essentially doing the same thing, but as a long time Ask Alexa supporter, I really wanted a more natural way of speaking to Alexa.

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