[DEPRECATED] EchoSistant Version 4.0 ~ Evolved

and now my hub is offline… total shutdown of the internet!!!


There are reports that the outage is over. I am still without my assistant. Almost forgot how to use my remote to turn on the TV. And certainly my kids were not happy to hear that 'there are issues accessing your skill"…

I had to use my switch… In the wall… You turn down my ceiling fan…

It took me three try’s… I’ve never used it!


Have you checked the weather lately? Soon, you might be able to ask Alexa only about the weather elements you are most interested in. Who needs to hear what the weather is going to be tomorrow, when all you need to know, is if there are any chances of precipitation later on today… Who knows if it will rain today? Do you know?

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Echosistant is gone from IDE!

nevermind… wrong shard… what the heck…


Announcing the EchoSistant Weather 2.0

Updates are required for the Notifications Add-on , Main Parent app and LIST_OF_OPERANDS

The ES Weather 2.0 brings a wealth of weather features to EchoSistant.

Alexa can answer to questions like:

What’s the weather/forecast (for) today/tonight/ tomorrow?
How’s the weather outside?
Is it going to rain?
Is there any chance of rain today/tonight/tomorrow
What’s the temperature outside?
What’s the UV index today
Is it windy outside?
How’s the wind like outside?
What is the current weather condition?
Are there any weather alerts in my area?

If you have the Notification Ad-on Installed, now you can be informed when weather alerts are issued (and yes, you can select which alerts matter to you)

Also available hourly forcast updates. You can select what weather elements you’d lile to know if they change from the past hour’s forecast…

And this is not an all inclusive list! Just some examples. I dare you to try to see what other weather info you can get!


The weather on the Dashboard…


Sorry. I missed your response.

When I say Alexa tell my home to enable the curtains, this is the log.

Not a problem. I don’t really need to see the logs. And by the way, you may want to remove the ones you just posted, as they contain your app details. Just let me know if commands worked to operate your blinds…

I got everything set up, and the main intent is working although when I go to use my profiles, only lights will work. For example, if I say, Alexa, turn on the tv in the kitchen. It responds turning on the lights. It seems to be anything the profile does not understand it reverts to turning on the lights as the answer.


I went through all the setup again and it appears to be working, according to the tests.

When I ask, Alexa, ask home what is the temperature, she replied with the indoor temperature is 44, would you like anything else? I replied with No, she then said, sorry i heard that you were looking for feedback on …would you like anything else? I say no and she said, I’m not sure what you are asking

A couple things

  1. The temp in here is 66 per my ecobee not 44 as she reports
  2. She is not cancelling when I say no to her question of is there anything else? I have tried no thanks, no thank you… she just won’t cancel, she will after several seconds of no further commands
  3. To be proper and polite, when I ask her to turn on a light and she says, OK, turning on [light], if I say Thank you, is it possible to make that the end of the request and she just exits? No need for anything further if a Thank you is given.

Just some thoughts

I cannot operate the curtains using EchoSist.

I have it setup currently as a switch, but when I say “Alexa, tell my home to turn the curtains off”

I receive the following in IDE

Looks like it doesn’t match the name of your switch…Is your switch called “curtains”? And is it both selected in the switch list in the Main app AND on the LIST OF DEVICES in the Amazon Main Skill (remember, every time you add a new device, you MUST generate the device list and then update the LIST_OF_DEVICES slot under the MAIN skill)

I’ll try to replicate on my end. Some logs would be helpful to make troubleshooting easier on both of us :slight_smile:

That could happen if there is noise in the room. I noticed that Alexa is picking up words even if the TV is on…

To report your home’s ecobee reading, the device must be selected as the indoor temperature sensor. If you don’t have a sensor selected, it should have said that you don’t. I’ll check on that on my end …

I really like that idea. I will put it in with next update :slight_smile:

I like that idea as well, would be a big help.

Ha. You’re right. Let me fix my devices and I will try again.

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Ok, second thought on that…‘turning on the light’ ends with would you like anything else/anything else…If it doesn’t then there could be two things, either the conversation is turned off, which means the session should end on its own OR something is wrong :slight_smile: Is ‘Thank you’, an appropriate answer if Alexa asks ‘if you need anything else’?


I see your point, that may not work.

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A follow up on this…Turn the tv… is reserved to Harmony Hubs. If the ‘tv’ is anything else, then I suggest creating a group named TV containing one switch …The PROFILE is unable to operate individual devices…Only the Main can…

Is there a celsius option for the forecast? I also can’t see where its pulling the location from.