[DEPRECATED] EchoSistant Version 4.0 ~ Evolved

How would you like to say…set Bedroom Light to blue?


set Bedroom Profile to blue

Update coming later today…

Requires NO significant changes (other than the usual update slots, utterance and smart apps)

PS @Jonnybops thanks for pointing this out… Testing is done! Everything is working great…

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Cannot come up with an elegant idea. So, the next Profile app update will have some sort of custom grouping solution. Keep an eye on the announcement…


Security Suite

Version:4.0 R.0.0.2

Now includes SMS and Push messages for arm/disarm at keypads.

Please note that EchoSistant 4.0 has Alexa Controlled Security features. The Security Suite will no be beneficial to you unless you are using keypads and locks… but, if you find a use and you do not use them, please let me know.

This is what the Push Message looks like.

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‘set bedroom light to blue’ seems more natural to say than ‘set bedroom profile’

Can’t wait to try the update. :slight_smile:

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I’ve worked it out to be able to say a lot more than ‘set’…How about make the bedroom red, change the bedroom to yellow, set the bedroom to (some) white.

And I might have even more surprises…

Oh and set bedroom profile to blue, that’s if you want to change the colors in a Profile…

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Weekend Updates Anyone?

We are glad to announce that EchoSistant is now compatible with “Hue B Smart”, which takes advantage of some features that the official Hue integration omitted, such as Color Temperature control, Flash (Alert) and Color Loop.

Today’s update brings lots of enhancements and bug fixes, but most notable are:

• Main Home Color Control for individual devices:

Alexa tell Home to…
…set/make/change/turn….the < device name > to < color >
…set/make/change/turn….the < device name > to < scene >
…start/play/stop the color loop (or looping) on/in < device name > *

Note: the EchoSistant comes with “poor man’s color loop” that changes colors every minute. To really take advantage of a great Hue Hub native color loop, I highly recommend installing and using the Hue B Smart. You can read more about @infofiend 's awesome work, click here
Also examples above are just sample phrases, as with all features, EchoSistant is capable of mixing and matching phrases to better suit your needs. DON’T BE AFRAID TO TRY different ways of using the colors and scenes.

• Main Home Color Control for Profiles:

Alexa tell Home to…
…set/make/change/turn….the < Profile name > Profile to < color >*
…set/make/change/turn….the < Profile name > Profile to < scene >
…start/play/stop the color loop (or looping) on/in < Profile name > Profile
(E.G Alexa tell my Home to start the color loop in the Bedroom Profile)


  • List of colors only includes 15 basic colors: blue,cool white,dark blue,dark red,dark green,daylight,green,light blue,light green,orange,pink,red,soft white,warm white,yellow. If you need more colors, you can add your own selection in the LIST_OF_UNITS - custom slot, or ask here and I will add it for everyone…
  • List of scenes includes the following: reading, read, studying, feeling lucky, random, cleaning, working, concentrating, concentrate, cooking, relax, relaxing, chilling and watching (TV, Movie, Show, etc)…

• Main Home Control of Profiles:

Alexa tell Home to…
…run the < Profile name > Profile

• Profiles:
Added option to create three Custom Groups , which can be controlled independently within a Profile

If you have certain devices that you don’t want to turn on every time you say Alexa turn the lights on in the Bedroom, now you can create a custom group to separate them.

To create a group:

  1. go to Messaging and Control Profile
  2. select the Profile
  3. select Create Groups and Select Devices
  4. tap Create Custom Groups
  5. select Switches
  6. name your Group (E.G. lamps)

Then say Alexa, turn on the < custom group > in the Bedroom

Today’s update requires:

SmartThings Smart Apps updates to version: 4.0 R.0.0.7 (same version for Main Home and Messaging and Control Profiles)

Amazon Updates:

Enjoy the weekend!..

@infofiend thanks for your help and support!

@Jonnybops & @JDogg016 thanks for your questions/feedback…

Sample Hue B Smart color loop using the Hue Hub commands…

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We are just wondering what every one thinks of the app. We’ve put a few hundred hours of work into all of it and we’d love your feedback.

Jason and Bobby

just bumping back to the top…

  • 1 Star - This App is Stupid
  • 2 Stars - This App is OK
  • 3 Stars - I use it and it’s Good
  • 4 Stars - This App is Great
  • 5 Stars - I love this App

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It’s only been a week, everyone is tired and frustrated after attempting to install the app, are you sure you want to ask people now? Looollll…

yeah… honest answers… lol

but think… after the frustration of the install… they are even more happy with what it does!!!


Have to say… it’says well worth the time and effort to install… Great work guys. Everything is working perfectly here now. Even with the 17.7 beta!


Glad to hear you’re enjoying it.


This is a minor update to Version:4.0 R.0.0.8.

This release improves the device feedback responses.

Requirement for successful update:

  1. Update Parent App ~ EchoSistant 4.0
  2. in the Main intent Custom Slot LIST_OF_OPERANDS
  • add the word “home”
  • add the word “in”

Examples for doors, windows, and contacts:

Alexa, ask my home is the garage door is open?
And she will respond…

  • “Yes, the garage door is open” or “No, the garage door is not open”

Alexa, ask my home is the garage door closed?
And she will respond…

  • “Yes, the garage door is closed” or “No, the garage door is not closed”

Examples for Motion Sensors:

Alexa, ask my home if the cabinet motion sensor is active.
And she will respond…

  • “Yes, the cabinet motion sensor is active” or “No, the cabinet motion sensor is not active”

Alexa, ask my home when was the cabinet motion sensor last active?
And she will respond…

  • “Cabinet motion sensor was active today at 1:45 pm”

Examples for Presence Sensors:

Alexa, ask my home is {in, present, home, at home, here}?
And she will respond…

  • "Yes, is {in, present, home, at home, here}
  • "No, is not {in, present, home, at home, here}

Examples for Switches:

Alexa, ask my home is the corner light on/off?
And she will respond…
"Yes/No the corner light is/is not on/off

and the same for water detectors and speakers…

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—ALL there have been reports that starting/stopping the color loop is not working smoothly. PLEASE remove the word “color” from the LIST_OF_COMMANDS it is NOT required!!! Your experience playing with colors will improve significantly!

As always, please keep the feedback coming, the more the people are sharing their problems, the better we can fine-tune EchoSistant to work as smooth as possible…

A small request/question. How do you control curtains with open/close as a command as it is not a switch?

will you open your live logging and activate and deactivate the curtains. Then post the logs for the device. Let’s see what we’re working with here.

Can you do me a favour and just test…disable/enable the curtains device and see what happens? I’ll add open/close if it goes smoothly…

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Have you made any progress?

hi I m getting this error what did i did wrong

sorry forgot to attach error
19f56761-0e3b-4dbc-adc7-fad633e9110e 2:56:56 PM: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘value’ on null object @ line 3935