[Deprecated] EchoSistant Version 1.2.0

Those are really big words and it’s early… basically I can say whatever I wasn’t to Alexa and she repeats it where I tell her to.

It’s basically a very expensive hands free intercom system… lol


You totally should get a bunch of echoes Just to use this app… pool


I hacked @bamarayne 's cloud camera feed and found this…


Damn that’s funny!!!

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I see a project in your future…

Imagine putting one of these in each of the kids rooms, and using your app to make announcements via the fish…



Please stop, don’t give him more ideas! He has enough already on his own…He was just asking me how can we make Alexa deliver the dinner in his boys’ room. I had to lock my phone and laptop, because I know he’ll not rest until he comes up with a solution…And I really don’t need to buy a drone…


That’s easy, first you login to aws and…


…then all we need is to find Bezos cell number, set a new skill called Bezos and then ask Alexa to tell Bezos we want Alexa enabled drone. That was easy. You can tell I’ve been PMing with @bamarayne too much…

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Installed and works great. Now to install more profiles!

Edit - Everything is working but I’m seeing a red error in logging
10:52:47 AM: error Access token not defined. Ensure OAuth is enabled in the SmartThings IDE.

Followed by a trace message that shows the App ID and a NEW token.
But it continues to work

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I am looking into it, thanks for heads up

@greg are you using the github integration in ide or just used the github file when you installed?

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I see this problem… it does continue to work… looking into it.


Guys, going to keep complaining until the dev gives up and leave now?! Hehe

Oh heck, @bamarayne just change the title to [WITHDRAWN] now

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No complaining, just trying to help. happy to help troubleshoot via pm if desired so it doesn’t mess with the thread.

I’m pushing the update to github. give it just a minute

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Update to Version 1.0.1 on Github now.

Update to Version 1.0.1a… pushing it now.

Much appreciated!

Final push to Version 1.0.1b for OAuth fix.