[DEPRECATED] EchoSistant Evolved ~ Amazon Echo's Only Assistant with Robust Scheduling and Flexible Reporting

she does somethings. but i’m not sure if its the default smartthings skill or echosistant.

if i have to start echosistant with the invocation name “home” then no she doesnt respond to anything.

if i ask “is {device name} home” i get a bing search response
If i ask “are there any doors open” she doesnt know how to respond

strangely its just started working.

i can see in the IDE logs that i have a few WARN - nDevice is undefined

Are you saying, “Alexa, ask home is xxxxx home”

yes, that seems to be working.

every now and again if i ask

“alexa, ask home if the front door is open”

she will mostly respond with “no the front door is not open”

sometimes she responds “no the front door is not undefined”

EDIT, i think i know whats happening. Alexa misses the end of my conversation. fixing it now

Alexa does NOT like the word “if”.

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If we could get a moment of your time… We are working diligently on version five, and we’re stripping what isn’t needed any longer.

Please take a moment to vote…

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Having a bit of difficulty getting echosistant installed. Im on the part where it tells you to: “Please go into the EchoSistant SmartApp and choose all of the devices you want to interact with via EchoSistant
Also, create at least one messaging/control profile It is very important that you now tap DONE and exit the smartapp. This saves the defaults and initializes the app.” But after i select my devices and click done and go in to create the message/control profile it tells me “Something’s Wrong - We cant load your screen right now.”

Any ideas?

Did you install the profiles app?

The notifications child app?

No. Follow the wiki. In the picture below, in the center box, “mandatory install”

Did that get you going? I’m on the road right now and will help asap

Do i publish the profiles smartapp?

You can, but it’s not required.

Is there a way to have Alexa devices announce notifications like EchoSistant can do with Sonos-type speakers?

Sorry if. We can not push a notification to Alexa and have the device wake up and announce it.

But you can utilize the Bluetooth connection and the internal speakers to make the announcements.

Though it will not be in Alexa voice

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You can have notifications sent through bluetooth? I thought the bluetooth wasnt turned on. If the can, could you point me to info on how to set up?

I believe he is refering to something like using the ST ECHOsistant app or bigtalker app and a tablet or phone that has LANnouncer android app that is connected to an echo via bluetooth as an external speaker.

No, what I mean is… you can use an old tablet or cell phone, install LanNouncer in the ST system and on that device. You then use EchoSistant to push the notification to that device. That device is connected to your Echo via BlueTooth or directly using a cable. The notification then plays through the Echo Speaker, but does not use the Alexa voice.

I was just in the process of editing to add the Echosistant in too…

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Well of course I use EchoSistant… lol

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