[DEPRECATED] EchoSistant Evolved ~ Amazon Echo's Only Assistant with Robust Scheduling and Flexible Reporting

Yup. Tested them too. They work just fine.

When you copy the ARN, make sure there is not a space at the beginning.

There is no space.

I created a new ES calling it Garage. Created a new skill with invocation garage and same result.

How is it possible that I can invoke Garage or Office, but cannot execute anything beyond it.

I have checked the ES and the skill a dozen times and everything is correct.

Is there a limit to profiles?

No there is no limit.

Let’s go to a pm

There are BIG changes coming to AWS Skill Interface. It might just be that AWS is broken. I cannot set up a new skill right now. Anyone else available to try to set up a new skill?


Due to some rather significant change on the Amazon Side of the world we are forced to implement an update. We apologize for any problems you may have experienced.

If you are experience the symptoms below, please update your previously created profiles. All NEW profiles must be created with the updated code.

Symptoms -

  • When creating a new Profile Skill you are unable to control any devices in the profile or send messages. You receive an error in the AWS Skill Test panel that says “Unable to generate your user skill” (or something like that).
  • Previously created Profile Skills continue to work but you are seeing an increased failure rate.

Please perform the following to rectify this situation:

This must be done for ALL profiles.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience that this has created and we continue to appreciate your support of work.

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ES started playing up with the above error (Unable to generate request for your skill) and I spent some time trying to troubleshoot - eventually gave up and completely removed everything. Just tried to install with the new profile intent and I get the following error:

Error: There was a problem with your request: The built-in slot type LITERAL is not supported for this locale.

I’m running with English (UK) - might be the case for others too. Broken :confounded:

It looks like the intent is not active for the UK. If you change your location in the AWS to the n. Virginia location, it might work. But you will lose the pretty accent.

After a little bit of research it is confirmed that the format of the intent changes I made last night are not compatible with the UK language.

I am continuing to work on this and find a functioning first for all of you in the UK. I should hopefully have something for you tonight.

In the mean time, if your ES is working, do not uninstall it and do not make any changes to the current skills. If it is not working, please be patient, I will find a fix that I hope will be suitable.



This update is for two things… one minor and one major. I’ll start with the minor update.

Update One
Profiles now have the ability to change the Smart Home Monitor as a profile action. This means you can select the state to change SHM to when the profile is run.

Please update the “Profiles” smart app here: https://github.com/BamaRayne/Echosistant/blob/master/smartapps/echo/profiles.src/profiles.groovy

Update Two
This is for our Friends in Europe ONLY. If you are not using the British Language or you are not using the AWS in the European location, do NOT do this.

As most of you know there were some major changes to the AWS yesterday that caused your EchoSistant profiles to either become very glitchy or to stop working all together.

I have formulated an update to the Profile AWS Skill that I believe is going to work for you. If you are NOT having any problems at this time, do not update this. It is going to be buggy until the wrinkles are worked out.

What I need are the Europeans that are having problems to help me out. I need you to update to this and to really test it. If you are interested please PM me. I will ad everyone into the one PM so that we can work on updating this together. I am keeping the code private for the next couple of days or until I can get some testers to help me smooth this out.

Thank you.

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i just found time to update some Echosistant stuff yesterday and i noticed the Reminders module.
is the Reminders module available to use?

I cant seem to find any reference to it on the Echosistant wiki (or I may missing to see it.)

Sorry, it’s not ready yet…soon

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It is not operational, sorry it was pushed by mistake…


But don’t worry… We’ve got a couple of major feature updates coming…

We’ve slowed down the updates though, but we’re still here!

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sorry im getting ahead of myself… (and i thought i was behind lol)

cant wait… i may not implement whatever new things you have on here but i make it a point to update IDE often.


Is there a command to set the a profile’s lights to a certain dimmer level? I know I can say “make it brighter” or “make it darker”, but it doesn’t seem to respond to any variant of “tell the living room to set the lights to 100%”.

I really need a volunteer EchoSistant user that is in Europe…

What a coincidence. I’m an EchoSistant user who really needs someone to fly him to Europe…for science, or whatever.

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bwahahaha… let me know when you get there…

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I have found a working model for Echosistant free speech in Europe and the US. Instead of a single file there now separate Europe and US files.

I am not releasing these at this time. I have them in testing and should be releasing in the next 48 hours.

I apologize for the inconvenience. Amazon likes to make changes and we have to adapt.

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