[DEPRECATED] EchoSistant Evolved ~ Amazon Echo's Only Assistant with Robust Scheduling and Flexible Reporting

MORE features for the Notifications Add-on. This time a highly requested feature and a visual aid for variables available.

R.0.0.8c adds ability to get notified if a certain lock code is used (by using the code slot, not actual code). For example, my slot 2 is the code I gave my teenager, so I can see when he comes home.

And the ‘visual aid’… you can now see the actual data conrained by each variable available…

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see what I mean? I post that I’m up to date. One min later - he releases an update!

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Don’t worry… Go ahead and update… I’m not home from work yet!

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Let me know when you’re up to date. I have another to release, just waiting for you loool …


In all seriousness … We are on the final stages of patching v4 bugs and incomplete features. The smart apps will be less frequently updated and we expect very rare AWS updates…


Hello all, one of the issues I have been facing is multiple Sonos messages hitting the speaker and then getting cut off. For example, you open and close a door, on my speakers the 2nd message of door closed would get cut off half way thru. I have been working with Bobby the Co-Creator of ES to try and see if this could be fixed and it has.

Introducing the Sonos Delay!!! (for 2nd messages)

This is in the notification profile directly under volume.

I have notifications for all my doors and windows broken into groups.
kitchen and living room are one group, Garage is a group and bedroom. I did this to have different volumes for different areas of the house. I have found that I need a different delay for each group that I have.
The garage is 3.6, the Living and kitchen are 3.9 and the bedroom is 4. This is crazy to me, but it works, I am now even starting to get the 3rd message about 75% of the time which works for me.

Hope this helps others out there with the same issue, enjoy!!!

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@greg - hahaha you werent kidding! Oh well, looks like i have something to try to figure out tomorrow!

@SBDOBRESCU @bamarayne -
I do have a question about these updates as well as me updating/adding more devices. Sorry for my ignorance. I have ZERO coding skills and/or experience but this is turning into a pretty fun/expensive hobby.

1 - I added the Github integration, but how does that work exactly once there is an update?
2 - If I add or rename devices, do i need to go through and update the naming & info in the Main Intent skills?

Again, sorry for the newby questions but this community is amazing for the knowledge & apps you all provide us.


When an update is available, the link in Ide turns purple. The you need to click ‘Update from Repo’. You select EchoSistant (master), then select the obsolete apps, then select publish and click execute…

Here is an example for CoRE…

Yes, unfortunately there is no direct link between ST and Amazon to cascade new information. Each new device selected in ST (or renamed) must be manually updated on the Amazon side (same process can be used to generate a new list of devices from ST and paste the new list over the LIST IF DEVICES custom slot.

Perfect! Thank you! I think I can manage that!

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OK thanks. I’ll give it a shot. I have a feeling you guys will be hearing from me!

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Trying to play around with the app and so far it seems great. Although I am having issues creating reminders. When I click on the Access Reminders & Events I get a spinng wheel for 5 seconds then nothing. Any ideas?

Hey they’re, glad you are liking the app.

Did you install the reminders add on in the ide, AND activate it in the settings?

I did not see the app listed in the wiki. Is there a link that I am missing?

Oops, nope you’re not missing anything. That part isn’t ready for release yet. I pushed an update to the main app and forgot to disable that.

Just disable that in the settings. Sorry.

You still have reminders built in, see the wiki commands list about those.

Ok Cool. One more question. I was just testing the mute and umute commands using a Sonos speaker. I was able to mute however i cannot unmute. I see that unmute is part of the commands.

Please give me a screenshot of the logs when you do it and I’ll troubleshoot it when I get home

I attached the Sonos Playbar log below. I did not get any logs to speak of in the app itself within IDE. But what is interesting here is that when I ask it unmute it appears to be muting in Sonos, based on the log below.

You’re not getting any log at all from EchoSistant? Go into the app under general settings and enable debug logging… Then try it again please

My bad. Bonehead rookie move. I was trying to mute the room rather than the sound device itself. All solved. Thanks ans sorry for the false alarm.

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