[Deprecated - DO NOT INSTALL] ADT Tools 2 for Smartthings ADT alarm sytsems

I just pushed out a few more updates to the ADT Tools application. A summary of the changes are as follows

  1. Updated the Mode change app to allow for users to select if they wanted to keep the location alarm state and the Smartthings ADT Panel in sync. There are some benfits to doing this, especially if you want to use the Any Alert Sensor App.
  2. I rolled out the Camera functionality that I have been working on with the Any Sensor Alert app to the remaining child apps. This includes what was previously not fully working repeat recordings. Now you can record video if you like on any or all cameras and you can have it record as long as the alarm is active in clips between 5 and 120 seconds until the alarm is disarmed.
  3. I cleaned up a few text things here and there so that may also be improved.

You may need to removed and reinstall some of your child apps to get to them to work fully after this change. I found I needed to do his with the Mode Change app. So before reporting any issues please try that first.

I found something missed replicating out to the ADT Alert Child apps and have corrected it. The problem only effects the new Video recording functionality so no need to rush and update if you don’t use it, but it is there.

I have a question for the folks out there using the app. I am working on a fairly significant rewrite. My hope is to simplify install/setup and make things much clearer. One of the things I have changed as of right now is to eliminate the option for multiple Notifier and Mode change app installs. I don’t really see this being a problem, but i wanted to ask the community if anyone has a use case they are in that this would be a problem.

Hey Mavvrick, I was able to get your ADT Tools smart app installed and running on my smartthings account, however it does not seem to be working. All I really want to do is keep the ADT panel and my smartthings Smart Home Monitor status in sync, so that when one is armed/disarmed, the other is armed/disarmed, and vice versa, and a notification is sent to our phones alerting that the system has been armed/disarmed. I set this up in ADT tools but it doesn’t seem to be working. Is it possible I am doing anything wrong installation or setup wise? I installed the main ADT tools app and published and then installed the child apps for ADT monitor and Notifier. If it makes any difference, I previously was attempting to achieve the same thing with WebCoRE pistons and that did not work either. I have removed WebCoRE from my app, and installed your ADT tools app. Is it possible that something is setup incorrectly with my account?

Any tips or advice you have would be greatly appreciated! I don’t understand why SmartThings would not have built better integration into their app for using the ADT security panel!


To make this work the way you are wanting you need 4 things. The main ADT Tools smart app, the ADT notifier child app, the ADT tools Mode Change App, and the the ADT Momentary tile Button device handler.

If you have the ADT Notifier app installed and with messages setup for each alarm state change. There should be nothing preventing it from working. Could you open up live logging in the IDE, change your alarm mode and then send me the logs.

Setting up the mode change requires a bit more. You need to create virtual buttons using the ADT Momentary tile device device handler for each mode. Then install the ADT Mode change app and assign those buttons to the appropriate mode you want them to control. There is a switch in this child app to keep the alarm mode in sync so make sure that is setup and then you probably should assign a exit delay value.

Again if thay doesn’t work I need the live logging to see what is failing

What version of Smart Home Monitor are you using. Did you install it from the Smartthings Classic App or the new Smartthings (Samsung Connect) App. The apps have different versions of Smart Home Monitor that they will load. This is an important distinction as one doesn’t use the Smartthings location value. If you are using the app loaded from the new app. That is the problem

The ADT Tools Smartapp manipulates the location alarm state in the Smartthings Cloud. A side effect of that is that the status of the SHM is updated. The synchronization is also one way from the ADT Panel to the location state. If you do activity in SHM and change it’s state it will not replicate back to the ADT Panel.

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So I have been working on a significant update to the app for a few months. I have a new repo for it. I have been using it for a while as check each part for functionality If you want to try it out the repo is at

Owner: Mavrrick
Location : ADT-Tools-2
Branch: master

There is the ADT Tools 2 main app that will need to be published. Then there are 2 child apps for the alert actions. Those can just be loaded and not published. If you want to use the alarm mode change functionality you will probably also want to down load the new device handler from the repo.

Basically I am trying to streamline the setup and management of the application. The functionality is all the same, but many of the alert apps have been combined to organized in a way to help ensure the best configuration.

There is also an option to have the new app create the buttons for you. I haven’t finished that implementation yet though so use that option at your own risk. If you do turn it on and save the app config to create the buttons you will need to turn it back off before you can make any more changes.

Hey Mavvrick, sorry for the delay in replying. Thanks for all of the info, I was able to get the notifications working for now. I really need the SHM status to change the ADT panel status and vice versa (so I can use ActionTiles to control the system from multiple panels), So I have decided to go back to trying to get webCore to work for this.


The button device handler that I use works in Action tiles. The way to set that up is to simply expose those buttons to action tiles and then add those buttons to whatever panel you want to have that ability to change the alarm modes. It isn’t one tile, but does enable the use of action tiles. Just make sure you setup the tile that shows the SHM Status as a view only tile and change the name to show ADT instead of SHM.

You can also create a smartthings routine that will push the button for the desired mode when the SHM mode is changed to a certain mode . That would allow you to only have the shm tile setup in action tiles.


Thanks so much for all of this information! I got it to work. Thank you for creating this CRUCIAL app, as there is no other way to get the ADT panel and smart things to truly integrate with each other! This has made life so much easier!! Thank you again!!

Hi, I’m just now implementing this app into my home security solution with my new ADT Hub, and first off, I’d like to thank Mavrrick for taking the time to publish this app, it fills a big gap in the functionality of this hub, which I otherwise like, for its stability. Could someone offer some advice on the following issue?

I am using the ADB hub without paid monitoring, so I need to activate an external siren whenever the console alarm sounds. I just don’t find the console alarm loud enough to wake the neighbors. Is there a way to trigger an external siren via local control, upon an alarm event? The intent is to have the same stability and reliability even if my Internet connection is down, which it often is. Any workaround or jerry-rigged solution would be acceptable.

My external siren is an Aeotec Siren Gen5.

Thanks in advance for any info, and a HUGE thanks again to Mavrrick for a key app.

Unfortunately that is not possible without official integration to do it. The sad things is that ADTTools does it, just has to depend on the cloud to trigger the smart things pieces.

One option I believe works is you could connect a external hardwired siren. If you open up the back of the panel there are contacts for it.

Interesting. One idea I had was to tap into the onboard speaker to trigger a solid state relay and then an external siren, but it never occurred to me that there were already contacts built in. I have it open now, and in the back I see (very delicate) gold terminals for COM/ZONE1/ZONE2 and COM/BELL-/BELL+ , SMK, COL1ç2, TX, RX, PWR+/-, where the DC in cable is connected, and lastly a little black jack that looks a lot like a DC power jack, black housing, center post terminal. Could this possibly be the output for an external siren? I will try to get a VOM onto it later but if anyone is aware of any documentation or schematics on this thing I would greatly appreciate it. Normal googling doesn’t turn up much. Thanks in advance for any leads.

My understanding is that the bell+, and bell- terminals are what is involved. I haven’t done it myself though. I did a few searches for info and there seems to be a good amount of information about doing this addition on a GC3 panel(what thr ADT Smarthings panel is based on). Seems a bit of wiring with a external siren, relay, and power supply.

If you do it it would be great to have something written up for the community.

I have officially update this thread with the new version of ADT Tools. I have tried to do allot of consolidation and cleanup. This is largely to make the app easier and cleaner to install. Please upgrade when you are ready to. Going forward I will only be adding enhancements to the new version. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

Thank you for providing this tool. Do you have a tutorial anywhere where I can use to set up the ADT panel? I published the codes to my IDE, but not sure what to do next. Any help will be appreciated.

Sorry i am still working on the documentation after the release of the 2.0 version. If you have everything loaded in the IDE right you should be able to just install the app just like any other from the SmartThings Classic app.

Open the Smartthings classic app. Click on the Automation button at the bottom of the screen. Now click on Smart Apps on the top right. Scroll down to the bottom and click on “+ Add a SmartApp”. At this point click on the bottom option for “+ My Apps”. Now you should see any apps that you have loaded in the IDE and are published. You should see near the top of your list “ADT Tools 2”. If you don’t see it go back to the ide and check that you published that specific app. You only need to publish the parent app and the device type handler.

Hopefully I will get the documentation completed soon. sorry for the confusion I have started to work on it at Things that are Smart - ADT Tools 2 but it isn’t complete yet.

One more thing. If you want the it to create the buttons for you do not forget to turn the flag to create the buttons back off. I haven’t added logic to handle if they already exist yet. If you forget to you will get an error when you go to save as it tries to recreate them.

Thank you for the info. I did not go all the way with the Classic App. I dont know why they made this ADT hub so difficult. When smartthings first came out, I was able to automate my home using tasker & sharp tools. I even created a custom alarm panel from the help of this forum. Prior to posting on this thread, i reached out to Samsung & ADT tech support. They were not able to answer my questions. The ADT tech told me that the panel did not make “audible voice” alerts. Thank you again. I will follow up with your instructions

@Mavrrick58 thanks so much for building this. I have a seemingly stupid question that i could not figure out the answer to.

Does your app work with the ADT Pulse system or just the DYI SmartThings/ADT panel? I just switched to ADT predominantly for this reason, but the ‘standard’ Pulse plan does not allow you to add Z-Wave devices, so I would have to upgrade to a higher plan - [rant] BTW, I never thought I would find an industry more opaque and backwards than the cable industry, but I just did, even their tech person did not know why I could not add z-wave devices on my own[/endrant]

Here is the post I found with what I’d need to do to integrate the two hubs: Using SmartThings hub in parallel with ADT Pulse

Thanks a lot in advance.

ADT Tools is for the ADT Smartthings Panel only.

That link is really about integrating a ADT Pulse system with a Smartthings v2 hub. I really doubt ADT Toools would work at all in that situation.

Thanks, that’s what I am trying to do…will follow-up in the other thread.