Deprecated Bridge Capability

I would like to use the bridge capability in a profile but it is currently deprecated. I do not see an equivalent in the updated set. What can be used for tagging a bridge device?

Hi, @blueyetisoftware.
Please, allow me some time to check with the engineering team.

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@blueyetisoftware, the team mentioned this capability only helped to categorize the device as a “Bridge”.
Now, that can be done by assigning the corresponding category in the device profile, which in this case is “Bridges”. For example:

name: profileName
- id: main
  - id: capabilityID
    version: 1
  - name: Bridges

Note: Find the complete categories list here, remember you need to use the PascalCase with those names

With the bridge capability, I can ask a device in the driver if it supports the bridge capability. I don’t see any way to check if a device is in a given category. Is there an equivalent to this for categories?

supports_capability(capability, component)

I ended up handling this by encoding it into the device_network_id, but I may create a custom capability instead for tagging purposes. I was hoping to stick with as much stock ST stuff as possible.

Has anyone ever asked why? Apart from Smartthings itself and the Security Modes in the Rules API, just about everything other identifier is in camelCase.