[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

For the new Blink XT owners, can you report on your experience with these camera outdoors? How has the video quality and detection been? Same, more,or less false alarms/detections than the original? Thanks!

As far as duration of recordings (XT and original) the option is 5-60 seconds per clip

It’s pretty responsive but I’ve found you need to set the sensitivity to 5 to start recording on someone walking up to the door. For whatever reason, sensitivity at anything less than 4 does not seem to trip anything - I think there may be a bug with that.
In my case I have the XT posted on the top sill pointed down so it gets set off as soon as a foot walks into the frame. Only thing I would want is some way to ‘pre-record’ or at least have one Blink trigger recording on any other(s). I have a Ring out front too and the Blink will capture more than the Ring most of the time as there is a noticeable delay between motion detection and recording with the Ring. I wish there were a way for recording on the Ring to be initiated independently as well. Anyway, I really like the new Blink and the IR capability. Clarity of the picture isn’t the greatest but it’s pretty good for the form factor, etc

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Thanks. This is helpful.

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Okay great thanks

Hi All,

I have just ordered the corner mount to be 3D Printed for $30. Here is the site:Look for the Gadzooks’s Hub seller if you are on the East cost.

You can get the files for the 3D print here:

I know the above link to file was already shared, I’m just putting it together for everyone.

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From my experience, corner mount is not optimal. For one, the two walls take up a high percentage of the wide angle image. Secondly, the LED light reflects back reducing the night time vision.

Thus, best results are in the middle of a wall with few objects close up.

I have my livingroom Blink mounted in a custom corner mount and it works out great. You can find my earlier post of my project in this thread.

So 2 days ago I added to my “Good Night” routine to turn on my Blink living room camera at night so I can catch the dog sleeping on the rug, of course added the turn off to the “Good Morning”. That evening when I told Alexa to turn on Good Night she said she could not find, I said run Good Night…etc etc…this morning when once again Alexa is wonky and I cant figure out why, I removed the turn on and off commands and Alexa goes back to working just fine running the routines on command. Any idea why this is happening? Any idea what I can do about it?

Replace the command to have Alexa turn on a virtual switch which activates the Good Night! command.

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You should have received a notification in the mobile app similar to this: (same thing happened to me)

As @lmosenko said, create a virtual switch, like “Good Night Switch” or something easy to remember. That will work.

EDIT: @jgirvine. Use the device type “Simulated Switch” for the virtual device. That’s what I’m using and it works perfectly


You could try to make a “If Then” CoRE piston.
“If Routine Good Night is executed, Then using Blink Living room Enable Camera.” (Which should set your Camera to Armed.)
This way you can still tell Alexa to run the Good Night routine and she will do so unaware of the added action.

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Blink XTs look to be backordered on the Blink site. Anyone know how long it’s been taking them to fulfill new orders recently?

I ordered two Blink XTs on 5/27, I received one yesterday but no word on the second one

@rontalley thanks for the tip on using standby for 1 sec video. I have a question, if you wouldn’t mind giving your advice.

I’d like to have Blink motion trigger some ST lights and record video asap. Basically if someone walks up to my porch, I want to get them on video while also turning on the lights asap.

Is this possible with Blink?

Nice setup. Do you end up with 3 videos with one being 1sec in order to trigger a notification? After you receive a notification, are you able to access the live view immediately? I guess you have 10 seconds until the retrigger fires.

You can first set your recoding time to 1 second and thriger the lights while at the same time changing the clip langth to 60 seconds and having the camera retriger with normal recording state.

Where/how would you program that?

Piston in Core.

Have the camera normally set to 1 second recording and than have the Piston modify the state of recording length.


Step 1: Set the Blink Driveway camera to 1 second clip.
Step 2: (Core Piston) Title Driveway camera.
If Blink Driveway detects motion
Turn On Driveway light for 5 minutes.
Set Blink Driveway clip length to 30 seconds recording length.
wait 1 minute. (This step takes into account the ammount of time it may take to upload the clip.)
Set Blink Driveway to 1 second recording length.

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Does this always leave you with 1sec and 30sec video clips in your feed? Do you end up getting 2 notifications on your phone or just one?