[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

No I was pressing back. That did it! :upside_down:

Have you foud a way to add the live stream to Active tile?

Was there ever any resolution to Blink wanting to abandon rboy’s integration with smartthings? I remember reading about them potentially cutting us off which is why I’ve held off on buying more cameras but it seems like there wasn’t ever an issue.

Anybody have an update on that situation?


As I recall they were looking to do official integration with SmartThings but I don’t think there has been any movement as far as I can tell…


So as far we know, they aren’t going to shut down the integration rboy has built…and if they do, it will be for an official integration. Correct?


That’s the hope but personally I have no idea for certain.

I’m having an issue with SMH. SMH is configured to use all open/close sensors & motion sensors (default setup). I’ve configured the “Good Night” routine to turn SMH and this works as expected.

My problem is with the “Good Morning” routine. It is configured to disarm SMH, but turn on one of the blink cameras (I’d like the camera in the garage on 24/7). The problem is that while the routine will turn the camera with the switch function, as soon as the routine disarms SMH, the motion on the blink camera off. If I remove the SMH Disarm function from the routine.

Is this expected behavior? How can I have a routine disable SMH, but leave one or more cameras enabled. I’ve got a few XT’s coming soon that I’d like running 24/7 as well. I’ve tried excluding all Blink camera’s from the motion configuration of SMH, but it didn’t make a difference.

My recommendation is to use CoRe the community rule engine. SHM monitoring and routines are not always reliable in ST. That is how I control all of my cameras on/off, motion and photos.

In the Blink Camera Manager App there is a section called Smart Home Monitor (SHM) and Mode Integration. This area will allow you to set camreas on/off according to SHM or Mode. Using the camrea as motion sensor in SHM will give to an SHM alert if it is in Armed(Home) and Armed (Away) setup but the camera has to have the motion enabled on the Blink side. I have some of mine listed in SHM while Armed (Home) and (Away) but others like my XTs and one other camera i have only getting notification via Blink. My modules are always armed and the motion enabled switch arms/disarms each camera. Mine are controlled via Mode and I use CoRE/webCoRE pistons to adjust the sensitivity on the XTs early morning and evening which reduces some of my detections due to sun/shadow movement.

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Perfect! This is what was interfering with my configuration. I spent some time aligning my routines with this and I believe it’s now working as expected.

@lmosenko I’m interested in Core but short on time right and can’t take on a new hobby at the moment :wink:

Thanks again to you both!


Got the XT yesterday and have been playing around with it. A few quirks that are a bit annoying:

  1. the temperature on mine was way off and they had to reset something on their end to get it to normal (seems like it’s been OK so far but it was reading 40F and if I tried to calibrate it, it either didn’t do anything or made it worse…)

  2. the IR LED seems kind of bright and obvious - maybe that’s just how it has to be if it’s the only form of IR illumination though? It’s more noticeable than a single IR LED on my Amcrest though (but probably because there is a ring of those IR LEDs - couldn’t they have just added several more IR LEDs instead of a single on on the XT if that’s the case then?)

  3. at least for me, the IR LED doesn’t turn/switch back off after normal lighting resumes. So if you have the lights on in an otherwise dark room, then flip them off, the XT’s IR LEDs will kick-in but if you flip the lights back on the IR LEDs will not turn back off.

Other than that, it seems like it would hold up well outside. Ironically, I’m scared to put it outside in case someone is bold enough to rip it off though lol. It feels a bit heftier than the original Blinks, as someone above pointed out.

In terms of syncing with the existing Blink module and ST - no real issues so far. It was pretty easy and the device showed up on my list of ST things after adding the device in Blink.

Recently my blink camera difficult to turning off the monitor & MOTION when disarmed by using this app, although successfully trigger in core but no action in blink (remain monitor and MOTION). I have to manually turn off in app of smartthings.

Try putting a 5 sec wait before each command. This fixed all the missed commands for me. When I sent them all at once, like you have above, I always had problems.

Here’s my old Piston which worked great. I’ve moved to webCoRE and I occasionally get misfires…:


Thanks. I will try this :slight_smile:

My blink sync module, keeps going offline at least 3-4 times daily and I’m not exaggerating , but yet when I check it through blink manager app it shows as connected with full bars.

Anyone know why it keeps doing this?

Yep we also saw that happen a few times last week, the blink app also showed the sync module offline but then it restored itself in a few minutes. Probably some temporary server issues.

Went to mount my new Blink XT cam. For those that have one, can you tell me if half of the mounting tabs are supposed to look broken like mine? I assume not, but it does seem to hold it still.

My tabs were rough, like maybe a mold problem during manufacturing. Not as bad as yours though.

In the CORE rules for the Blink cameras, what exactly does “Turn monitor on/off” do that “Enable camera” doesn’t? Also what are these other following actions supposed to do?
“Turn on/off”

I have my Blink XT mounted above our front door and currently have a CORE piston setup to “Enable Camera” based on button press from our Ring doorbell. There’s definitely a bit of lag between the button press and the time the Blink actually detects motion and starts recording. Snapping a picture is faster of course but it seems it only gets stored in that temporary slot of the Blink app. I really wish Blink would release on-demand/adhoc recording functionality.

Contact support. This is not correct manufacturing. They will send you a new mount.