[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

well thanks for the reply but for the price of Arlo i think i would just go with the Samsung camera.
I guess the debate is do i go with blink for there good looks and no wires or a PTZ Dlink.

I’m sure this has been addressed somewhere, but I can’t find it. After setting everything up, everything is working except for the main feed at the top, where it says “Camera unavailable.” If I click “Snap” or try to refresh, ST app crashes. I am running the latest version of everything.

It gave me a message about trouble receiving the livestream url, I clicked refresh again, and it suddenly started working. What is the livestream url?

It’s still not working consistently. I’m usually getting the message about trouble retrieving the livestream url.

I keep getting an error when saving my settings "Failed to save page: mainPage"
I am also having and issue where the camera status doesn’t seem to be updating (not sure if this is related). Running v5

Okay so a couple of things you need to know about ST and Blink:

  1. ST is responsible for the video player and it isn’t perfect yet. The video player shows up on iOS with a play button but as “unavailable” on Android until you click on it and press refresh. So if you’re on Android just click on the tile and click on the refresh button and it’ll show up.
  2. You need to give Blink a cool off time. If you’re hitting start stop start, it’ll give you an error. It need 10-15 seconds between streams for Blink to finish up/clean up it’s act. If you try to restart the stream immediately after it’s stopped (or after you tried to connect to it) it won’t work and return an error. So patience is the name of the game here (as mentioned in the release notes). Live streaming in new to ST and isnt’ ready for the F1 circuit yet. Also remember your phone needs a direct connection to the blink server for streaming to work (it doesn’t go through your hub).

I’m not facing any issues with streaming on either the Android or iOS devices as long as I’m playing “gentle” with them. Hopefully as ST video streaming matures it’ll be more “hardy” and have a more unified UI.

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Have you enabled OAuth (see the FAQ’s and instructions).

The URL is something returned by the Blink server and is dynamic. Hence you need to wait 10-15 seconds between restarting live streams for it to work consistently. Remember Blink is designed for live peeking not live streaming :slight_smile:

If you app is crashing when you hit refresh (I can’t seem to replicate this one), report it to ST support. It’s a ST app bug, nothing to do with the Device Handler or SmartApp.

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Uninstalled the old version.

Cleaned out the IDE.

Installed new device handler and smart app.

Added to my smart apps on my phone doing the install. Says can’t save main page; never fully saves, and no devices are created. I can longer add devices to rooms due to an error, and the Things page is completely blank since attempting to install 5.02. (may be related to the iOS app update!)

This is on the new iOS 2.12

Did you enable OAuth?

Yes that’s an ST phone app thing, report it to ST support. I hate it when ST updates it’s phone apps.

Yes, its all apparently related to it. Cripes almighty

Yeah, I just did a clean install and it’s working fine here, but I’m using ST iOS 2.1.0 (sorry I’m not updating to the latest ST iOS 2.1.2 app, this one works fine and I’m sticking with it for now).

Enabling OAuth fixed my saving issue.

My next issue is I can’t find the “monitorStatus” attribute.
I assume to access it I need to create a “Custom Command”, but no matter what I’ve selected for Test Device Capability/Device, I don’t have a “monitorStatus” option. Am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks!

No idea, it’s defined in the code (make sure you’re on the latest DH 5.0.3). If you’re on the latest and still can’t see it report it to ST support.

attribute “monitorStatus”, “string”

if i get these cameras is it possible to have the motion detection toggle on and off with automated routine modes?
like i don’t want motion detection turned on when someone is home just want it on when no one is in the house,

@egobuster1 Yeah I do that. I have one that is always one and others that I toggle whether or not our presence is detected at home. The one in the backyard turns on back lights if motion is detected too, etc.

Really great cameras and a great app that @RBoy created. :grin:

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so can this all be achieved inside the app then or is it set up through IFTTT or how so. I’m thinking about ordering the 3 pack this weekend to give a shot. i have a Dlink 933L in my garage now and the integration isn’t bad but i just don’t like the function and flow of it.

Go for the five pack. You will find uses that you never thought of before. I got a two pack, then five and another five. Getting another five pack for my mother-in-law who has had break-ins in her neighborhood.

I will buy five more as soon as the Outdoor Version is released mid year as Blink states.