[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

would there be a way to setup a proxy of some sort to make it so that the requests weren’t coming from the blocked smartthings servers?

Perhaps with something like this:

Funny how they [Amazon] would decide to block ST servers when they own Ring and Ring integration is still there. Maybe they would get more backlash since Ring is presumably more popular? Or because it’s an “officially” supported integration or something?

BTW: is there a way via IFTTT to enable/disable individual cameras? The way I’m using my Blink system is to leave it armed all the time with certain cameras always enabled and others disabled until I choose to enable them. I like it better this way because certain parts of the home I want notifications regarding whereas other parts I don’t just due to excessive notifications that would be produced.

You can only control the sync module Enable/Disable cameras and not individual cameras.

Amazingly, Blink just announced the new XT2 camera with 2-way audio. I’m tempted but I really need better integration than IFTTT.

I hate to be that guy but:

  1. I’ll never give Blink money again (though I get it’s Amazon now and I give them money all the time)
  2. Two years since acquasition and this is all they have to show for it since? Ring has been up to a LOT more…
  3. Wyze are already putting serious hurt on Blink, even with the lack of battery option.
  4. Once Wyze releases their outdoor cam with battery, I think it’ll seal Blink’s death certificate.
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I agree on the Wyze cameras especially the pan and tilt versions. For the cost I’m almost tempted to waterproof one and try it outside. They have great reviews too.

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Don’t worry, you’re preaching to the choir. I’m actually surprised that they released ANY new products; I thought for sure Blink was dead and any remnants would move into the Ring ecosystem. I’m guessing the main reason this product was released was for use in the Amazon Key program.

I already had a ton of Blink cameras so I just made the best of what I had. Their products are decent, but the lack of new products, the fact they ignore feature requests, and killing RBoy’s integration turned me off completely. The XT2 does intrigue me but I’ll likely just go ahead and re-purchase a video doorbell. I say “re-purchase” because I bought a Ring Pro, didn’t install it for a year, and then sold it off because I wanted a Nest Hello instead. After what Google announced this week, looks like I’ll probably go back to Ring. :smiley:

It’s a shame, because had Blink just allowed RBoy to continue, they likely would’ve sold hundreds or thousands of additional cameras. I’m sure it wasn’t Blink’s decision either - I think Amazon pushed it on them.


I with all of you on the Blink after Amazon cancel RBoy’s integration I was also done with blink. I still have some inside and outside but will not buy anymore and will replace at some point. Wake up Amazon.


Hi all,

I am selling half of my Blink camera system which includes the following:

2xBlink interior cameras at $50 USD per camera.
1x Blink XT (Gen1) at $50 USD
1 Sync module included
3x Exterior camera mounts and cases (Used) $15 USD for all.

Total: $215 USD + S&H.
All of the cameras are in working condition. I have switched half of my cameras to Wyze cameras and don’t need this set. Please contact me on the community via PM or post right here. I would prefer to sell this entire lot.

Interesting the old Blink XT cameras were on sale for $50 just before they stopped selling them in favor of the XT2

If have installed this device handler or app, please uninstall it to avoid issues with your SmartThings account

  • Open the IDE (https://account.smartthings.com)
  • Click on My Devices
  • Locate each Blink Camera, click on it, scroll to the bottom and click on Delete
  • Click on My Locations -> Click on SmartApps next to your location name -> Click on Edit on the top right -> Locate “Blink Camera Manager” and click on Uninstall

We are looking at releasing a limited IFTTT integration in the future for basic control of the sync module and camera motion notifications


Yeah! I so miss begin able to have my cameras on a schedule!


You can find the Blink IFTTT integration here:

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Hi @RBoy,

Is Home Assistant’s Blink integration still allowed to work? If so, why not ST’s? Their github repo seems to be kept up to date.

Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Oh I have been! That’s teasing…


I’m getting my popcorn out for this.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@RBoy, I came across BlinkPy recently and their setup is still working with Blink. Even they have just integrated the Blink Mini.

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Excited about the possibility of something like this integration used to be as the IFTTT is a bit lacking (and would rather not use IFTTT)