[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

Yes you can use CoRE and Piston to setup a rule using custom commands from the Blink DH

Oh man! @RBoy ,We were just talking about Alexa being able to take a Blink picture. It literally took me five minutes to set up using @MichaelS Ask Alexa and @ady624 CoRE. Love this community!

@lmosenko let me know if you need help setting CoRE to take a picture, is super easy to set up, and it works like a charm!

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Yes Please @SBDOBRESCU .

Can you help me out? I Love Blink integration by @RBoy on ST, the SAGE doorbell integration by @Darwin . Now I can tie it all together. That’s great!

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If you have CoRE installed and somewhat familiar, then when you add an action, scroll all the way to the bottom, select any devices, then pick select camera. Once you did that, click done, scroll up to add a task and pic take a picture. Bingo!

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do you have the link to CoRE app?


I’m trying to take a picture from CoRE but it’s not working. Do I need to arm the Blink camera to take a picture with CoRe?
I’m also confuse with monitor on/off and enable/disable…

If anyone can help me, it’s appreciated!


Nope, you don’t. If I tell Alexa to take a picture, she does, regardless of state

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I deleted my piston, created a new one, everything is working now! Is there a way to send a SMS with a link to a picture or a way to store the picture somewhere like the clips?

I would like to get a notification and a picture when someone ring the doorbell.


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Also see the first post FAQ’s on functionality and differences between sync module, camera monitor etc. tried to capture it all there

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###Blink Camera Manager - Version 5.4.0

  • Added ability to enable/disable individual cameras for each Mode and SHM state
  • Cleaned up the SmartApp user interface by introducing separate security and SHM/Mode configuration pages

###Blink Device Handler - Version 5.1.0

  • < no change >

As requested by users, you don’t need to rely on SHM and Routines anymore. You can configure each camera individually through the SmartApp.
Also introduced pages to clean up the app, this allows users to use the camera without any frills as a motion sensor and for the advanced users, they can configure the security and SHM integration with relative ease.

This is a recommended update.


I’ve noticed this problem for a few versions now and just assumed it was a SmartThings mobile app problem, but it this seems to be the only SmartApp that it happens to. Any time I open the Blink Manager app, make changes or not (usually not), and then tap “Done”, it saves successfully (after 5-8 seconds) but then I get the “Error loading SmartApps” screen and have to close out of it and come back to see my SmartApps. I’ve attempted to recreate this with other SmartApps and just can’t.

Other than being an annoyance, it doesn’t cause me any real grief, but I’m wondering if there’s something unique to this app that’s causing it. I’m running the latest Android app version. Haven’t tried it on iOS.

It’s a ST app issue most likely. Open IDE Live logging while you’re doing it. If you see any errors from the SmartApp let me know. If not it’s a platform or app issue. Likely the platform is running slow which may be causing the initialize or some function to timeout causing the error. When the platform resumes normal performance it’ll fix itself.

Last night my Blink manager didn’t disable my camera’s in the morning. (First time I tried it). It did arm them at night.

Any suggestions? I triple checked that they are to be disarmed when SHM is disarmed.

Looks like the platform may have timed out, not much you can do unfortunately. Try using a different time, I usually avoid top of the hour or mid hour to change state (like a few minutes after or before) when the load is a less.

I’ll put a backup CoRE rule in place for this. Thanks.

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I’m having the same problem. Here’s my Live Log after clicking Done at the app.

  1. Your logs look fine here, no errors here.
  2. Posting your logs as is is not a good idea since it contains your access token, logins and other information which can seriously compromise your security

If you’re getting a red bar error after hitting done it’s because of the platform timing out. It may be overloaded, just try again after a while.


Since PIR doesn’t work through windows, is there a way to have ST motion sensor placed outside to trigger Blink camera to record? I have Blink cameras pointed at my porch and backyard from inside, but motion won’t trigger through the glass. I could put ST compatible motion sensors outside if ST could trigger Blink to record.

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Hi @IAmJvy,

Blink cameras use IR sensor to detect motion. Glass will block IR signal and thus your Blink cameras will not see motion.