[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

I have a light set to turn on by motion of a blink camera through Smart Lights and cannot get it to work. What am I doing wrong

We have two of five cameras where we want it to take a photo and record if there is motion but not trigger the alarm (e.g., we want to know if someone is going in the wine cellar and taking a bottle), and then we have the other cameras around the critical access points where if there is motion when the alarm is away it would trigger the alarm.

It appears all the cameras are on the same sequence, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to have one set which triggers the alarm and the other set which does not, but still takes video and photo?

Each camera is exposed a motion sensor independent. Use smart apps from the market place to configure your use cases using the cameras you want for each use case

Ah, got it! Thanks… I completely under thought that!


I order a kit with 5 camera with your link and coupon. Can’t wait to try it. App look really nice.



If it helps we’ve been playing with a variety if phones and connection types (from android tablets, phones, iPhones 4s to 6s), 3G, 4g LTE, wifi public wifi private, different cameras blink, foscam etc.
we’ve realized a couple of things:

  1. The video streaming ability depends upon the phone capabilities. It needs to support the codec and stream type parameters
  2. The video tile is very sensitive to errors in the stream. The slightest delay or dropped packets can cause streaming issues. It isn’t very hardy yet hopefully ST could do something about it in future. Eg one camera works and another one only gives audio because it further away and has a low signal. Similarly connection of the Internet quality plays a role. When we have strong stable fast connection it works great but when the connection quality deteriorates (on either end) we start seeing streaming connection issues or only audio or stuff like that. Again very sensitive to streaming errors and delays and single levels on the camera (sync and wifi)

I just installed SmartApp and Manager. Blink Camera Manager will not open in MyApps.

This is a pretty slick app. Worked first time, everytime :slight_smile:

I am curious if others who have their Blinks integrated within ST using this product have found a use for its motion sensor capabilities. I cant for the likes of me think of a reason why the Blink folks chose to implement motion detection notification the way they did (notify after recording). By then, imo, its too late to act upon this detection. Yeah, I can reduce the “lag” by reducing recording time but that is robbing paul to pay peter. If anyone has found a use for the motion detection of this camera within St, please enlighten me :slight_smile:


You should consider mailing blink support and ask for option to be notified without taking a video recording. If enough folks ask I guess they may modify the firmware to allow disabling taking a video recording. (I.e. 0 second recording)

How do I change the record time to more than 10seconds without having rule machine…

See the faq. 10 is the max

Well, not sure I want either one or the other. The “norm” (based on all my other cameras) is to be notified immediately when motion/recording starts.That said… Have an email into Blink (& iSpy) support on whether this camera can be added within iSpy software. If so, all my “problems” are solved :slight_smile:

Maybe I missed a setting somewhere. The Blink motion only seems to work for turning on lights when the cameral is on. Which also records when motion is detected. Is there a way to utilize motion without turning on the camera or recording?

No… See my post(s). Blinks implementation of motion detection leaves a lot to be desired. The only thing I can see it is good for is to inform you that…“Yes, there WAS motion and a recording of this event is available for your viewing”. Totally backwards i.m.o

Thank you. That changing a lot plans. I was convinced that Blink motion would replace existing motion detectors. As great as that would be, even without it the blink system is great so far. Thanks again.

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I am trying to install the device handler, I copied and pasted the code hit create and get this error message
Org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed: script14634130803941933884274.groovy: 760: expecting ‘}’, found ‘’ @ line 760, column 50. ) // defer the loopback action ^ 1 error

What do I do?

Copy the code carefully, you’ve got a copy paste issue. :slight_smile:

I have tried multiple times…where does the code start or do I copy the whole the thing starting with


Whole thing, try using chrome browser.

If there is a RAW option, be sure and use it.