[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

Use the $30 off coupon and your wife cannot disapprove. :slight_smile:

10% wont sway me to purchase something but I would take advantage of it if I was ready to buy. (Purchased the the 3 camera set with the $30 off)
Always appreciative of any discount.

Retail is for suckers


@jt323bd I use two nest cams and they are great in the native nest app, but thinking that these will be more useful given the smartthings integration.

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I have a Nest Cam and a Dropcam and am puzzled why they are so highly rated on Amazon.

My best theory is cognitive dissonance kicks in to justify the cost. I think I may also have some innate reverse cognitive dissonance since I expect more if it costs more. I suspect I overrate Blink because of the value.

Anyone else puzzled like me?

@beckwith, I completely agree with you. With Nest Cam or Drop Cam, you are paying way too much for 1 camera which in my opinion is Greatly overpriced, is Not Truly wireless, and is an eyesore. For the price and feature provided by the two brands, Blink Home Monitoring is way better.


@RBoy thanks for a great smart app. It actually made me go out and buy three blink cameras. Setup was super easy…hoping they work well when integrated into my smartthings setup.

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The app seems to be working well for me, but I have noticed one strange thing with one of my three cameras. It is in my garage and there isn’t much movement there so it doesn’t update the picture very often. But what I notice that in my notifications or in recent activity it keeps posting the old photo.

For example, the time stamp on this image is 21:05

but the same image keeps appearing in the recent activity and in my notifications list several times and most recently in the example at 09:52AM.

This is a little confusing to me as it makes me believe the image was taken at 09:52am when in fact this is the image from the night before at 21:05.

Any ideas?

That’s correct, that’s the design of the app (see the FAQ’s), to save camera battery it will only fetch the last reported picture from the camera to the blink server. When ST does a periodic poll it fetches the last reported information from the Blink server. This is done because you may be using other Blink native clients and if there are any updates reported by the camera through the other clients, this will keep the ST client in sync with the other Blink native clients.

Hi @RBoy,

Is there a way to put the current stored image from the camera on the main room page if the camera is set as the default device?

Not that I"m aware of, ST doesn’t support image carousels in the new multi tile attributes (yet). I believe it’s slated for the future.

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@RBoy thanks Rboy. I understand. It was just confusing for me as I see I recent notification with a timestamp and my expectation is that the image shown reflects that timestamp.

So, the image I should be paying attention to is the image shown on the main tile of the thing?

Thanks for the help in clearing that up for me.


My cameras are no longer responding to input from smartthings. I can refresh, but I can’t turn on or off motion or the system. I tried uninstalling the cameras, but that didn’t seem to work. What am I missing? Thanks for the apps!

You’re likely running into the DB issue from Blink. Try rebooting your affected cameras (remove batteries and reinsert).

I was afraid you were going to say that…I didn’t mount them in easily accessible locations. Thanks for the quick reply.

Blink expects the patch to be in place by next week. Hopefully it won’t happen that often until then :slight_smile:

EDIT: It may into production this weekend so that’s good news

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I appreciated it but have the same discount from Blink it seems as an existing customer. I may pull the trigger on another camera or two this month.

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Is rBoy’s site down? I keep getting a timed out error.

Yes upgrading some hardware, it’ll be up shortly

Oh okay, thanks!

I’ve already emailed Blink support and am waiting for their reply, but I was wondering if any of you have not been receiving push notifications from blink?

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